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Contents By Subject

This page provides suggested reading for specific subject areas. I hope this helps people find a little more comprehensive list of reading material. If you have a suggestion for a subject area to be added here, please feel free to write and give me your thoughts. You might also check the Table of Contents for a complete list of articles.
Within each topic area, I've listed the articles in a specific order. I suggest reading them in the order I've provided as one article builds on the information in the next.
  I.  Getting Started
 II.  Guides for Parents & Children With Craft Interests
III.  Learning To Meditate
IV. Clearing, Cleansing & Protection
 V. Connecting To Spirit Guides
VI. Past Life Articles
VII. Choosing A Path
VIII. Psychic Articles
  IX. Aura Articles
   X. Healing Articles
  XI. Tools
 XII. Rituals & Magik
XIII. Herbology
XIV. Paganism In General

I. Getting Started:
Your best course of action to learning is to begin your own research. Read everything! The more you read the more you'll be able to distinguish what is good source material and what is not. On the Pagan'sPath you'll find 2 postings to help you get started.
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Getting Started
- Books & Resources
- Meditation, Energy & Action - Walking Your Talk!
II. A Parents Guide and Children Interests:
- To Protecting Their Child With Craft Interests
- A Guide To Children Interested In Magikal Paths
- Pagan Parenting
III. Learning To Meditate:
- Meditation Guide A How To Handbook.
- Meditation Exercises
- Meditation Prayers
- Meeting your Spirit Guides
- Meditations for:
IV. Clearing, Cleansing & Protection:
- Energy. Why is it important?
- Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting Your Energies
- Clearing & Cleansing an Object or Area
- Grounding & Balancing For Ritual Work
- A Protection Ritual
- A Healing Ritual
Blessing Rituals
- Cleansing & Blessing A New Home
- Blessing For An Animal
V. Connecting to Spirit Guides:
- The Conscious Minds
- Spirit Guides, Who are they?
- Meditation Guide - A How To Handbook
   Meditations for:
- Finding your Spiritual Sanctuary
- Meeting your Spirit Guide
- Ghosts vs. Spirits
- Hauntings - What are they?
VI. Past Life Articles: (Anatomy of the Soul)
- What is Reincarnation?
- The Akashic Records.Where are past life memories?
- Kundalini & Chakras.What is the Soul?
- Spirit Guides, Who are they?
- Meditation Guide A How To Handbook
- Chakra Meditation
- Meditations for
- Finding your Spiritual Sanctuary
- Meeting your Spirit Guide
VII. Choosing A Path : (God/Goddess/Traditions)
- What Is Witchcraft?
- Witchcraft Traditions
- Which Witch is Which?
- The Creation Of Modern Witchcraft
- What is The Meaning Of Pagan
- What is a Coven, Grove and Alike
- Solitary vs. Coven Practices
- Dedication vs. Initiation
- What is God/Goddess?
- The Bible and Jesus: Pagans and Christians
- New Religious Movements (
- Traditions:
- Celtic
- Druid
- Wicca
- Norse
- Egyptian
VIII. Psychic Articles:
- The History of Divination
- Tools of Divination
- Psychic Gifts, Do I have one?
- Protecting Your Energies
- Spirit Guides, Who are they?
- How To Meditate, A How To Guide
- Psychic Development
- Receiving A Reading
- The Pendulum
- Scrying
- Tarot Guide
- Tarot Spreads
IX. Aura Articles:
- The Aura - the colors of life
- How to read an Aura
- Aura Color Definitions  
X. Healing Articles:
- The Healing Circle
- Affirmations How can they improve your life?
- Connecting To Divine Healing Energy
- Creating Your Own Healing Circle
- Stone Energy ~ Crystal Supports
- Crystal Energy Healing
- Light Therapy
- Healing By Proxy
- The Phases of Healing
- Healing Music
- Reiki - Universal Life Force Healing
- A small section on Herbology
- Interpreting Dreams
- Lucid Dreaming
- The Pagan's Path Grimoire
   My Personal Rituals & Potions
XI. Tools:
- Creating Your Personal Altar
- Your Book Of Shadows
- Magikal Tools
- Tool Symbology
- Candle Magik
- Scrying
- Stone Energy ~ Crystal Supports
- Tarot Guide
- The Pendulum
XII. Rituals & Magik:
- Frequently Ask Questions about Magik
- Esbats: Working By The Moon
- Your Book Of Shadows
- Magikal Tools
- Tool Symbology
- Widdershins / Deasil
- Candle Magik Basics
- Candle Magik Ritual &Ceremony
- Using Color In Magik
- Creating Your Magik Circle
- Creating Your Personal Altar
- Creating Your Sacred Space
- Clearing and Cleansing an object or space.
- Hexes & Curses
-  The Law Of Accountability
- Raising Energy For Workings
- An all purpose Ritual or Ceremony Outline
- Spell Construction   
- What is - Magik, Spells and Casting
- Workings With The Moon   
- The Pagan's Path Grimoire
XIII. Herbology Articles:
- Herbology Basics .
- A Short History
- How Do Plants Work?
- Empowering Your Herbs
- Common Herbs
- Garden Remedies
- Herbal Symbology
XIV. Paganism In General
-  Glossary of Terms  
- What Is Witchcraft?   
-  The Sabbats 
-  Sabbats - Southern Hemisphere Calendar
-  Esbats: Working By The Moon
-  What is The Meaning Of Pagan
-  What is a Coven, Grove and Alike
-  Group Circle Gatherings
-  Starting your own Coven, Grove and Alike.
-  Solitary vs. Coven Practices
-  Dedication vs. Initiation
-  What is God/Goddess?
- Important Figures In Pagan History