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Herbology: Empowering Your Herbs
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Empowering With Magik
You can further empower the affects of your herbals through magik. Wither it's for a magikal purpose, or if you merely want to increase it's affects, a small ritual can set the intent of your mixture.
  • The Tools:
    • A pestle and mortar for grinding
    • A non metallic bowl to hold the mixture
    • All the herbs you will be preparing
    • A candle in a supporting color
    • The herbal container
      • If the mixture is to be a brew, add your tea pot and tea cup.
      • If the mixture is to be an incense, add the incense mold, stick or holder.
      • If the mixture is for a sachet, add the sachet pillow or case.
      • If the mixture is for an oil, add the bottle or container.
  • The Alter:
    An alter is your personal space for performing magik and spiritual endeavors. Your alter should contain the tools you'll need for this specific ritual, as well as, those items you feel are spiritually significant to you. Images of your chosen deity, spirit guides or whatever you feel increases the sanctity of your alter.
  • The Timing:
    As with any magikal endeavor, the timing of the ritual is important. But at times, planning your herbal rituals may not go hand in hand with timing of the Goddess and her moon phases. For instance, if you have a cold now, you may not want to wait for the 4th quarter moon to roll around.
An Herbal Incantation
Prepare your spell for the specific need the herbs will be used for. When you are ready to cast your incantation:
  • Open your magikal circle as you normally would.
  • Request the help of your chosen deity(ies) and spirit guides.
  • Place the mortar and pestal in the center of your alter and cover them with your hands. Recite the first section of your incantation stating your purpose and intent of the herbal mixture. I personally like to restate each section of my incantations 3 times, using my fingers to draw my personal sigil over the object.
  • Add ¼ of your first herb to the mortar and state the intent of it's use within the mixture. Again I draw my sigil. - This step is repeated for each herb that will be used in the mixture.
    • Using the pestal, grind the herbs together to the consistency needed. When you have concluded, place the mixture into the bowl you set aside on the alter.
    • Repeat these 2 steps adding ¼ of each herb to the mortar each time, until all the herbs have been ground and placed in the bowl.
      • When you have completed the mixing process, place your hands over the bowl and complete you incantation. Again state it 3 times, and if you desire, draw your personal sigil.
      • Set the mixture aside and bring forth the herbal container. If you are brewing the herbs, add your mixture to a tea bag, if you're creating a sachet add the herbs to the pouch and so on.
      • Complete as much of this process as you desire before reciting your incantation one last time over the completed container.
      • Once you have concluded your ritual, close your circle as normal and clean up your alter.

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