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The articles and postings contained on this web site are based on personal experience, formal classes and many wonderful resources. Here we attempt to share the sources of our research.

A few books in this list are out of print. But don't discount their value. There are many 2nd hand or Old Book bookstores in many areas that specialize in out of print or out of stock books.

There are many "old" books that have been re-issued under new publishers. Where possible, these books are listed to reflect these new releases, publishers and publish dates.

You might also like to see a list of recommended reading on my Amazon Listmania book list. Here you'll be able to see excerpts of these and other books I recommend, read reviews from others and even purchase the books from Amazon.


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 B - Basic Studies
 H - Healing
 M - Magik
 S - Shamanism
 O - Odds & Ends
 C - Celtic Tradition
 N - Norse Traditions
 A - Astrology
 W - Web Sites
At the bottom of the articles on PagansPath, you'll find links to resources used to write that article. A resource labeled s11 will indicate the books is in the Shamanism resource list, and is book 11 within that list. Resource 1, indicates that some information contained in the article is based on my own study and research.
  1. SpringWolf
    • Formal Education
    • Family Teachings
    • Life Experiences
    • Research & Study
  2. Expert Resources

~ Basic Studies ~

  1. Spirit Guides
    Iris Belhayes
    ACS Publications, 1986
  2. Universal Law
    Dr. Frank Alper
    Arizona Metaphysical Society, 1986
  3. Living In The Light
    Shakti Gawain
    New World Library, 1986
  4. The Path Through Transformation
    Shakti Gawain
    Nataraj Publishing, 1993
  5. Return To The Garden
    Shakti Gawain
    New World Library, 1989
  6. Creative Visualization
    Shakti Gawain
    Bantam Books, 1982
  7. Life After Life
    Raymond Moody, Jr. MD
    Bantam Books, 1975
  8. The Complete Ascension Manual, Vol. 1
    Joshua David Stone, Ph.D
    Light Technology Publishing, 1994
  9. Soul Psychology - Keys To Ascension, Vol. 2
    Joshua David Stone, Ph.D
    Light Technology Publishing, 1994
  10. Personal Power Through Awareness
    Sonya Roman
    HJ Karmer, Inc. 1986
  11. Living With Joy
    Sonya Roman
    HJ Karmer, Inc. 1986
  12. Spiritual Growth
    Sonya Roman
    HJ Karmer, Inc. 1989
  13. Opening To Channel
    Sonya Roman & Duane Parker
    HJ Karmer, Inc. 1987
  14. Centering A Guide To Inner Growth
    Sanders Laurie & Melvin Tucker
    Destiny Books, 1983
  15. Reincarnation
    Sylvia Cranston & Carey Williams
    Julian Press, 1984
  16. Bringers Of The Dawn
    Barbara Marciniak
    Bear & Co., 1992
  17. Celestine Prophecy
    James Redfield
    Warner Books, 1993
  18. Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation
    Noel Langley
    Warner Publishing, 1967

~ Healing ~

  1. Folk Medicine
    Jarvis DeForest
    Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1958
  2. Traditional Home Remedies
    Martha White
    Yankee Publishing, 1997
  3. Primitive Remedies
    John Wesley
    Woodbridge Press, 1776
  4. The Alternative Advisor:
    Natural Therapies & Alternative Treatments
    Time-Life Books, 1997
  5. Awaken Healing Energy Through Tao
    Mantak Chia
    Aurora Press, 1991
  6. Empowerment Through Reiki
    Paul Horan
    Lotus Light Publications, 1990
  7. Hands That Heal
    Echo Bodine Burns
    Echo Bodine Burns, 1985
  8. Creative Wellness
    Michelle Lusson, DD
    The Printed Voice, 1994
  9. Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy: Master's Handbook
    Rev. Karen Cameron
    Karen Cameron
  10. Heal Your Body
    Louise Hay
    Hay House Publishing, 1993
  11. Hands Of Light
    Barbara Ann Brennan
    Bantam Doubleday, 1993
  12. Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book
    Jeanne Rose
    Perigee Books, 1976
  13. Ladies Indispensable Assistant
    unknown, 1852
  14. The Healing Power Of Herbal Teas
    Thorsons Publishing, 1984
  15. The Enchanted Garden
    Claire O'Rush
    Trafalger Square, 1996
  16. Incense, Oils & Brews
    Scott Cunningham
    Llewellyn Publications, 1999
  17. The Alternative Advisor
    Time Life Books
    Time Life Books, 1998
  18. Acupuncture : The Ancient Chinese Art
    of Healing and How It Works Scientifically
    Felix Mann
    Random House, 1973
  19. The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing
    Daniel P. Reid, Dexter Chou
    Random House, 1995
  20. Plants of the Gods:
    Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers
    Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofmann
    Inner Traditions; Reprint edition September 1992
  21. The Healing Power of Light
    Primrose Cooper
    Weiser Books, February 2001
  22. Healing Yourself with Light:
    How to Connect with the Angelic Healers
    HJ Kramer, December 1994
  23. Healing With Color Zone Therapy
    Joseph Corvo, Lilian Verner-Bonds, Lilian Verner Bonds
    Crossing Press, March 1998
  24. Light: Medicine of the Future:
    How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW
    Jacob Liberman
    Bear & Company, October 1, 1990
  25. Bridge of Light
    LaUna Huffines
    Fireside, March 15, 1989
  26. Bridge of Light:
    Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation
    Launa A. Huffines
    H.J. Kramer, November 1993

~ Shamanism ~
    Celtic, Native American and Tibetean

  1. Mother Earth Spirituality
    Ed McGaa, EagleMan
    Harper Collins, 1989
  2. Black Elk Speaks
    John Neihardt
    University Of Nebraska Press, 1961
  3. Voices Of Our Ancestors
    Dhyani Ywahoo
    Shambala, 1987
  4. The Way Of The Shaman
    Michael Harner
    Harper SanFrancisco, 1980
  5. Earth Medicine
    Kenneth Meadows
    Element Publishing, 1989
  6. The Medicine Way
    Kenneth Meadows
    Element Publishing, 1990
  7. Shamanic Experience
    Kenneth Meadows
    Element Publishing, 1991
  8. Native American Animal Studies
    Joseph Bruchac
    Joseph Bruchac, 1992
  9. Animal Speak
    Ted Andrews
    Llewelyn Publishing, 1993
  10. Spiritual Unfoldment 3
    White Eagle
    White Eagle Publishing, 1987
  11. Secret Native American Pathways
    Thomas Mails
    Thomas Mails, 1988
  12. The Shaman Of Tibet
    Heather Hughes-Calero
    Higher Consciousness Books, 1994
  13. Woman Between The Wind
    Heather Hughes-Calero
    Higher Consciousness Books, 1990
  14. The Flight Of Winged Wolf
    Heather Hughes-Calero
    Higher Consciousness Books, 1991
  15. The Great White Brotherhood
    Elizabeth Clare Prophet
    Summit University Press, 1976

~ Magik ~

  1. Drawing Down The Moon
    Margot Adler
    Penguin USA, 1997
  2. Power Of The Witch
    Laurie Cabot
    Delaconte Press, 1998
  3. Celebrate The Earth
    Laurie Cabot
    Delta, 1998
  4. The Witch In Every Woman
    Laurie Cabot
    Delta, 1998
  5. Wicca: Guide For The Solitary Practioner
    Scott Cunningham
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1990
  6. Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magik
    Scott Cunningham
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1987
  7. Living Wicca
    Scott Cunningham
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1996
  8. Witchcraft Today
    Gerald Gardner
    City Of Aubum, 1970
  9. High Magics Aid
    Gerald Gardner
    Godolphin House, 1996
  10. Tree The Complete Book Of Saxon Witchcraft
    Raymond Buckland
    Samuel Weiser, 1974
  11. Movement In America (3rd Edition)
    Raymond Buckland
    Llewelyn Publishing, 1995
  12. Complete Book Of Witchcraft
    Raymond Buckland
    Llewelyn Publishing, 1986
  13. The Power of Witchcraft
    Gavin & Yvonne Frost
    Godolphin House, 1977
  14. The Good Witches Bible
    Gavin Frost
    Godolphin House, 1996 re-release
  15. Diary Of A Witch
    Sybil Leek
    out of print
  16. Natural Magik
    Doreen Valiente
    Pheonix Publishing, 1985
  17. Witchcraft For Tomorrow
    Doreen Valiente
    Pheonix Publishing, 1987
  18. An ABC Of Witchcraft
    Doreen Valiente
    Book People, 1988
  19. The Spiral Dance
    Harper SanFransico, 1989
  20. Dreaming The Dark
    Beacon Press, 1997
  21. The Ancient Modern Witchcraft
    Marion Weinstein
    Earth Magic Prod, 1993
  22. Positive Magick
    Marion Weinstein
    Earth Magic Prod, 1994
  23. The Encyclopedia Of Witches & Witchcraft
    Rosemary Ellen Guiley
    Facts On File, 1989
  24. A Study of Tennessee Crafting
    Shamus Stants
    Franklin Publications, 1936
  25. Smoky Mountain Folklore
    Ruth Wilder
    Winkler Books, 1896
  26. Irish Mountain Magick
    James WhiteEagle
    Winkler Books, 1897
  27. Angels - Across Religions
    Barbara Westend
    Piedmont Publications, 1926
  28. The Victorian Grimoire
    Patricia Talesco
    Llewellyn Publications, 1992
  29. The Kitchen Witch's Cookbook
    Patricia Talesco
    Llewellyn Publications, 1996
  30. Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders
    Patricia Talesco
    The Crossing Press, 1996
  31. Moon Magic
    D.J. Conway
    Llewellyn Publications, 1997
  32. The Magician's Companion
    Bill Whitcomb
    Llewellyn Publications, 1996
  33. The Modern Witch's Book of Symbols
    Sarah Morrison
    Citadel Press, 1997
  34. New Millennium Magik
    Donald Tyson
    Llewellyn, 1996
  35. The Witches Circle
    Maria Kay Simms
    Llewellyn Publications, 1997
  36. The Pagan Family
    Ceisiwer Serith
    Llewellyn Publications, 1994
  37. A Witch Alone
    Marion Green
    Thorsons Publishing, 1991
  38. Natural Magic; Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden
    John Michael Greer
    Llewellyn Publications, 2000
  39. The New Encyclopedia of the Occult (Paperback)
    John Michael Greer
    Llewellyn Publications, 2003
  40. Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection and the Astral World
    D. J. Conway
    Llewellyn Publications, 2002
  41. How Do Witches Fly? A practical approach to nocturnal flights
    Alexander Kuklin
    Dna Press, 1999
  42. Witchcraft in Ireland
    Patrick Byrne
    Irish Book Center, 1967
  43. Wiccan Roots: Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival
    Philip Heselton
    Capall Bann Pub, 2001
  44. Gerald Gardner and The Cauldron of Inspiration
    Philip Heselton
    Holmes Pub Grou Llc, 2003

~ Odds & Ends ~

  1. Going Within
    Shirley MacLain
    Bantam, 1989
  2. Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary
    June G Bletzer PhD
    Dunning Publishing, 1986
  3. A Course In Miracles
    Foundation For Inner Peace
    Foundation For Inner Peace, 1975
  4. The Edgar Cayce Primer
    Herbert Puryear, PhD
    Bantam, 1982
  5. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
    Edgar Evans Cayce
    Warner Books, 1968
  6. Atlantis: The Eighth Continent
    Charles Berlitz & Fawcett Crest
    Ballintine Books, 1984
  7. Atlantis
    Dr. Frank Alper
    out of print
  8. Focus On Crystals
    Edmund Harold
    Balantine Books, 1987
  9. Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals
    Earth Love, 1995
  10. The Language Of Crystals
    Roger Calverley
    Rock Of Ages, 1987
  11. The Key To It All Book 1
    David Hulse
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1995
  12. The Key To It All Book 2
    David Hulse
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1996
  13. Cabalistic Encyclopedia
    David Goodwin
    Llewellyn Publishing, 1997
  14. Lazarus: The Sacred Journey
    Jach Purcel
    Concept Synergy Publishing, 1987
  15. Lazarus: Interviews Book 1
    Jach Purcel
    Concept Synergy Publishing, 1988
  16. God On A Harley
    Joan Brady
    Pockett Books, 1995
  17. Sects, Cutls & Alternative Religions
    David Barrett
    Cassell Imprint, 1996
  18. Spiritual Politics
    Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson
    McLaughlin & Davidson, 1994
  19. The Artist's Way
    Julia Cameron
    Perigee Books, 1992
  20. A State Of Mind, My Story
    J Z Knight
    Warner Communications, 1987
  21. Walking A Sacred Path
    Dr. Lauren Artress
    Riverland Books, 1995
  22. Compton's Encyclopedia
    Comptons, 1995
  23. The Final Prophecies Of Nostrademus
    Erika Cheetham
    Perigee, 1989
  24. Nostradamus 1: Countdown to Apocalypse
    J.C. de Fontbrune
    Henry Holt, 1985
  25. The Torah
    by Rodney, Rabbi Mariner (Introduction)
    Henry Holt & Company, Inc, 1997
  26. The Practical Qabalah
    by Charles Fielding
    Samuel Weiser, 1990
  27. Mysteries of the Qabalah
    by Elias Gewurz
    DeVorss & Company, 1922
  28. Holy Bible : From Ancient Eastern Text
    by George M. Lamsa (Editor)
    Harper San Francisco, 1985
  29. Beliefs: Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine, Vol. 1
    by Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Shaykh M. Kabbani
    Kazi Publications, 1998
  30. Encyclopędia Britannica
    Britanica Encyclopedias
    Britanica Publishing, 2001
  31. Old Farmers Almanac
    Robert Thomas (Founder 1792)
    Yankee Publishing Incorp. (Annual Publication)
  32. A History of Pagan Europe
    Prudence Jones & Nigel Pennick
    Routledge, 1995
  33. The Fairy Ring:
    Favorite Fairy Tales of Many Countries
    by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
    Fredonia Books, 2000
  34. Fairy rings and other mushrooms
    by Gladys Conklin
    Holiday House, 1973
  35. Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins:
    An Encyclopedia
    by Carol Rose
    W. W. Norton & Company, 1998
  36. Myths of the Sacred Tree
    by Moyra Caldecott
    Destiny Books (September 1, 1993)
  37. The Forest in Folklore and Mythology
    by Alexander Porteous
    Dover Publications (December 19, 2001)
  38. The Power of Trees: The Reforesting of the Soul
    by Michael Perlman
    Spring Publications (August 1994)
  39. The Sacred Tree in Religion and Myth
    by J. H. Philpot
    Dover Publications (May 11, 2004)
  40. Whispers From The Woods: The Lore & Magic of Trees
    by Sandra Kynes
    Llewellyn Publications (February 1, 2006)
  41. The Spirit of Trees
    by Fred Hageneder
    Floris Books; 2Rev Ed edition (April 27, 2006)
  42. Greek and Roman Sundials
    by Sharon L. Gibbs
    Yale University Press (1976)
  43. Greek and Roman Chronology
    by Alan E. Samuel (1972)
  44. The True Calendar-Years of Aztecs and Mayas and the True Mayan Calendar System.
    by Julia F. Bourgeois
    Revised edition of paper presented at the xxvi International American Congress in Seville,
    October 12, 1935. (1942)
  45. Calendars
    by L. E. Doggett
  46. Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year
    by David Ewing Duncan
    Avon Books (1998)
  47. A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
    Stephen W. Hawking
    Bantam (1988)
  48. Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
    by P. Kenneth Seidelmann
    University Science Books (1992)
  49. Year of Moons, Season of Trees
    by Pattalee Glass-Koentop
  50. Tree Medicine Tree Magic
    by Ellen Evert Hopman
  51. Activation of Energy: Enlightening Reflections on Spiritual Energy
    by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
    Harvest Books, 2002
  52. American Heritage Dictionary - Fourth Edition
    by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    Houghton Mifflin Company (2009)
  53. Scrying for Beginners: Tapping into the Supersensory Powers of Your Subconscious
    by Donald Tyson
    Llewellyn Publications (1997)
  54. Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership
    by Ted Andrews
    Llewellyn Publications (2002)
  55. Faery Folk
    by Edain McCoy
    Llewellyn Publications (2007)
  56. Mystic Faery Tarot
    by Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft
    Llewellyn Publications (2007)
  57. The Mandala Astrological Tarot
    by A.T. Mann
    Harper & Row Publishers (1987)
  58. The Druid Craft Tarot
    by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm; Illustrated by Will Wothington
    St. Martins Press (2004)
  59. Rider-Waite Tarot
    by Arthur Edward Waite
    U.S. Games Systems (1993)

~ Web Sites ~

  1. NASA
  2. Madame Blavatsky
  3. AncientScripts
  4. Astrology Weekly
  5. US Naval Observatory
  6. Gerald
  7. Online Dictionary
  8. Online Etymology
  9. The Museum of Talking Boards
  10. Key Dates for Ireland
  11. Tara Celtic Law