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Norse Tradition

The articles and postings contained on this web site are based on personal experience, formal classes and many wonderful resources. Here we attempt to share the sources of our research.

A few books in this list are out of print. But don't discount their value. There are many 2nd hand or Old Book bookstores in many areas that specialize in out of print or out of stock books.

There are many "old" books that have been re-issued under new publishers. Where possible, these books are listed to reflect these new releases, publishers and publish dates.

You might also like to see a list of recommended reading on my Amazon Listmania book list. Here you'll be able to see excerpts of these and other books I recommend, read reviews from others and even purchase the books from Amazon.


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At the bottom of the articles on PagansPath, you'll find links to resources used to write that article. A resource labeled n11 will indicate the books is in the Norse Tradition resource list, and is book 11 within that list. Resource 1, indicates that some information contained in the article is based on my own study and research.
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~ Norse Traditions ~

  1. Nordic Gods and Heroes
    Padraic Colum
    Dover Publication, February 1996
  2. Northern Mysteries & Magick : Runes,
    Gods, and Feminine Powers
    Freya Aswynn
    Llewellyn Publications, July 1998
  3. Futhark, a Handbook of Rune Magic
    Edred Thorsson
    Red Wheel/Weiser, 1998
  4. Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe :
    Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions
    Hilda Roderick, Ellis Davidson
    Syracuse Univ. Press, 1989
  5. Myths of the Norsemen : From the Eddas and Sagas
    Helene A. Guerber
    Dover Publications, December 1992
  6. Nordic Religions in the Viking Age
    Thomas A. Dubois
    University of Pennsylvania Press, October 1999
  7. Norse Stories : Retold from the Eddas
    Hamilton Wright Mabie
    Hippocrene Books, September 1999
  8. The Poetic Edda (Oxford World's Classics)
    Carolyne Larrington
    Oxford Univ Press, February 1999
  9. Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson :
    Tales from Norse Mythology
    Snorri Sturluson
    University of California Press, 1964