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Thank you!
We understand that people have many reasons for contributing. You may have experienced an event or service from PagansPath or Lady SpringWolf firsthand, or you may simply be interested in helping to promote spiritual awareness and tolerance.
Regardless of your motivation, or the size of your contribution, we are grateful for your gift. Your donation will go towards our efforts to promote understanding, education and tolerance of pagan issues and practices.
Online security is a necessary part of every online transaction. Therefore, Pagan'sPath uses two methods for online donation technology to keep transaction and financial information safe and private.
Donation Options:
There are 3 ways to donate -
Through Amazon's Honor System
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Through PayPal
Or Through A Purchase At
The Sponsor Store
Each item you purchase provides a contribution to Choose from T-shirts for children and adults, cups and mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, magikal Grimoires and more.