The path to spirituality lies in knowledge. Learning about the basic flow of life and death, living in balance, lessons of the physical world and wisdom of the spirit can help you become both enlightened and spiritually aware of not just your surroundings, but of yourself as well.
In this section you'll find my understandings based on research, formal education, life experiences and sharing information with others who are also on a path of spiritual enlightenment.
At the bottom of each posting you will find a listing of source material. Each code will link you to the books and resources page where you will find the book title, author, publisher and publishing date.

Pagan Metaphysics 101 - The Beginning of Enlightenment
2011 Book from SpringWolf:
Available Now from Schiffer Publishing:
Gain an introductory understanding of metaphysical concepts from a pagan perspective, beginning with the first principles of the creation of the Universe through the Celestial Soul Groups and their influence upon the evolution of life and expansion of spirit through reincarnation, karma, spirits and energy.

Metaphysical Basics
Meditation, Energy & Action - Walking Your Talk!
Psychic Gifts. Do I have one?
What is Universal Law & Chaos
How can they improve your life?
Affirmations For Change
The 3 Healers: Faith, Hope and Charity
Living In Balance What does it mean?
The Angels Explained
Animal Spirit Guides
Spiritual Classifications Of The Wolf
Astral Projection, OBEs & NDEs
Planetary Retrogrades
Atlantis. Is it a myth?
The Aura, The Colors of Life.
Color Definitions
The Celestial Alphabet
Dealing With The Phases of Grief
The Dead Sea Scrolls
The History of Divination
Tools of Divination
Receiving A Reading
Divination & Spirit Communication
The Ouija Board
The Pendulum
Tarot Guide
Edgar Cayce, Who was he?
Sprites, Faeries & Pixies
Forest Sprites ~ A personal experience
Kabbalah A bulletin board discussion
Lucid Dreaming
Natural Energy Conductors
Tools for energy work.
Stone Energy ~ Crystal Supports
Transmigration vs Reincarnation vs. ReBirth
Twin Souls vs Soul Mates
7 Soul Rays

Other Topics
Shamanistic Astrology - Solar Birth Totems 
Religious Movements
A View Of Christianity
New Religious Movements (
New Age

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How To's
There are many classes to teach students how to develop their own empowerment and awareness. Here are some of the the handouts provided to students in the classes offered at Forest Moon.
Astral Projection A How To Exercise
How To Read An Aura
Aura Reading Exercises
Dream Interpretation - What happens when we sleep?
Meditation Guide A How To Handbook.
Meditation Exercises
Meditation Prayers
Chakra Meditation
Meeting your Spirit Guides
Meditations for: Meeting your Relative and Spirit Guide
Meditations for: Meeting your Animal Guide
Meditations for:Finding your Spiritual Sanctuary
Meditations for: Finding Your Past Lives
Meditations for: Letting Go
Clearing, Cleansing, Balancing and Protection
Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting Your Energies
Clearing, Cleansing, Balancing and Protection
Psychic Development
Tarot Guide - What They Are, Their History & How To Use Them
A Simple Process For Reading The Tarot
Tarot Spreads
Transmutation Breathing

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