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Divination Tools

Looking At Divination
Everyone is psychic to one degree or another. Some people are just more"aware" of the unseen energies within and around them than others are. But those "gut feelings", that woman's intuition, all are psychic abilities. If you haven't already, I'd suggest you go back a few postings and read about Psychic Gifts. This posting describes what being a psychic is, vs. what a channel.
If you're interested in using your psychic abilities for the purpose of Divination, then you might want to read the "Psychic Development - Developing Your Talents" article.
Contributing Author
Click Here For The Message Board PostingThe following article is a contribution from one of the regular members on the Pagan's Path Message board, Panther Witch. She has graciously allowed me to post her research on Divination Tools from the board here on the site. It is a great article and I thank Panther for allowing us to share it here on the site.
If you're interested in Divination Tools, you might want to see Panther's article on The History of Divination as well.
You'll also find links to more in depth articles about some of these divination tools that are here on PagansPath where you can learn more about that tool's history, how to use and apply that tool to your divination practices.
Divination Tools:
By Panther Witch
Edited by Lady SpringWolf
The reading of the planets and stars and how they affect us. Astrology is very particular to Earth. The stars would align differently if you were on another planet, or even the moon. Theoretically this would make a difference on the energies surrounding you. Horoscopes are very common, and there are differing types. The zodiac is made of 12 houses in Western astrology. Chinese astrology uses a different system entirely, basing whole years on a single house, usually symbolized by an animal.
Augury- (Animal Guides)
Watching of birds. From species of birds, to the migration of birds, this is one of the most common forms of divination. Commonly considered an omen when an unusual sighting of one or more birds occurs.
Aura Readings- (How To Read An Aura)
Some people use the aura around a person to see the immediate future. Also some places have an aura around them, but it may not be perceivable to sight. Auras can give you a sense of health, mental state, stresses, and sometimes things that the person is thinking about.
Automatic Writing-
A person channels from the spirit realm and allows the spirit(s) to use their body to write a message or draw symbols to be interpreted later.
Botanomncy - (Scrying) - a form of pyromancy
This method involves divination through the burning of leaves, tree branches and herbs. It is a practice where a Diviner draws messages from the smoke of the fire and/or from the ashes that remain.
Crystal Ball- (Scrying)
Used as a tool to trigger visions, crystal balls come in many shapes and sizes and colors. Most commonly used in a trance or meditative state while looking into the ball and viewing any inclusions or shadows seen in the ball itself.
Fire and Smoke Scrying- (Scrying) - a form of pyromancy
The flame from a candle or a campfire may allow one to see various images dancing in the flames. Sometimes puts the person into a trance and allows visions. Smoke scrying is similar, but shapes are observed dancing on the smoke.
Viewing of animal entrails to divine the future. First seen used in the early Roman culture, it is still used in some circles today.
Depending on where you live, IChing can either be a type of bibliomancy, religious text, or a guide for how to divine the future by use of symbols and objects. The I Ching means "Book of Changes" and is a classic Chinese text that shows how to use a symbol system to identify order in the chaos that surrounds us. Historically it was viewed as an account from the time of Fu Xi in a similar story to the Noah's Ark legend in the Christian and Jewish texts. More modern meanings use the text as a guide to the "oracle bones" and the casting of them much like rune stones.
the meaning of numbers in everything, from giving letters in your name a symbolic number and reading that meaning, to the meaning of your birthday, to the oracle meaning of the number of any certain type of animal you see.
Oracle Cards-
These cards are similar to tarot. Some use animals as the basis for their meanings, others use a combination of animals, plants, stones, symbols, ect.
The reading of palms. Commonly thought a parlor trick, it uses the natural creases and lines in the palm of a hand to chart out things like how long the person's life will be, how many times he will marry, ect. Some people use palmistry like tea leaves, and view the patterns as shapes to divine the future of the person.
Pendulum- (The Pendulum)
A device on a string or chain, usually made of stone, wood, glass, crystal, or bone that is polished into a point and then dangled from the string. Some superstition says that a pendulum dangled over a pregnant woman's belly will move in one direction or another to foretell the sex of the unborn child. Primary methods use the movement of the pendulum to divine answers to questions, or even scry for the direction of an object that is lost. Supposedly uses the energy lines and patterns around the user and in the earth.
Runes - (Nordic Runes & The Ogham Script)
These are stones or sometimes sticks that are marked with either Norse runes or Ogham runes. The most common are using the Norse system. Readings again vary in how they are done. Some people pull a single stone, others use a spread similar to the tarot. Can be found custom made, out of stones, and hand carved, or commercially produced.
Tarot - (The Tarot)
Also called tarotmancy, the use of tarot cards to foretell the future. Made up of the Major and Minor Arcana, there are usually 21 cards in the Major Arcana, and 4 suits of 14 cards in the Minor Arcana. There are custom decks available, and decks that use different suits, as well as some that have extra cards, or some that feature fewer cards. Some decks even change the names of the Major Arcana cards to suit the theme of the deck itself. Each spread can vary in number of cards, meaning, and even the depth of the questions asked.
Scrying Mirror- (Scrying)
Similar to the crystal ball, this type of mirror (usually colored black) is possibly most reputable from Nostradamus's visions of the future. The colored glass can create a depth illusion in which a person can see objects, people, or happenings.
Scrying Bowl- (Scrying)
A plain bowl (sometimes made of metal, glass, or stone) that is filled to the brim with water, until the water bubbles at the lip of the bowl to create an edge. Used in meditation or trance.
Spirit Boards / Witch Boards / Talking Boards (Ouija Boards)-
Typically used during a seance, a tear or heart shaped piece of wood is placed on a board with letters, numbers, symbols and some common words on it, then touched by everyone in the circle around the board. Sold as a game, or custom made. Supposedly works to communicate with the spirit world. Many stories highlight the more "evil" intentions around the board.
Tea Leaves-
Drink a cup of tea, then tip the cup over onto the saucer to drain the dregs of the tea out. Look at the pattern of tea leaves and view them. Supposedly will tell the future of the person that drank the tea. Based on shapes and patterns in the remaining leaves at the bottom of the bowl or cup.
Vision Quests- (Meditation Guide)
A Native American tradition that induces visions, vision quests and sweat lodges are reported to lead to many types of seeing, from future to past to Otherworld.
Wind Listening- a form of Austromancy
A meditative trance in a secluded area. Listen for what you may hear on the wind.
Wind Watching- a form of Austromancy
This method utilizes observation of the wind and it's affects on objects, such as tree, animals, clouds, the ground etc.
Additional Thoughts By SpringWolf:
Additional Methods of Divination
Channeling - Also called Spirit Talking. A channel is different than a psychic, in that when one channels they do not interpret the information or energy being received from spirit. It is given to the client just as it is received. Not all psychic's are channels, but all channels are psychic.
As with most things, there are different levels of channeling, each depending on the mission or purpose of the individual in this incarnation. For instance, someone may be in this existence to perform the service of Divine healing. Therefore they are a healing channel. In their own way, they do channel the energy from the divine directly into the body of their client. But unlike a clairaudient channel, they do not "hear" messages.
  • The 1st level of channeling is to tap into the higher consciousness of the individual channel.
  • The 2nd level is to communicate with the Spirit guides or teacher(s) of the client, or the channel them self.
  • The 3rd level comes with the Soul Group.
  • The 4th level is with the Divine Conscious Mind.
Foretelling The Future
It's important to note that no one can use tools of divination to foretell the future in the modern perspective people see in TV and movies. What a psychic reader or divination tool can do is show you the probable outcome of energy patterns you have currently put into place up to today. But with free will and choice, you have the ability to change these outcomes. (Receiving A Reading)
This is the benefit of divination. To determine how your current choices have created a pattern of energy on your path for today, tomorrow and beyond. By understanding how your energy is being manifest by you, you can alter those aspects you don't want, and work toward those you do want. So don't think the future is set in stone. It's not, if you don't want it to be.

Sources: 1, PantherWitch
Created: 07.02.2009       Updated: 08.30.2010


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