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Universal Law & Chaos

Universal Laws & Universal Chaos
The Universal laws are absolutely necessary for a metaphysical system of the universe to work. In other words, all the laws, the concept of balance within the universe, the theory of there being a Divine universe, reincarnation, and so on, all these ideas can only work or function if there are laws that govern cause and effect. And like all things, this concept is a theory. As mortal beings, we can only 'know' facts based on our inner knowingness or belief. These laws are no more factual or invalid than the mythology of the creation of the universe in the Norse Eddas, or the Christian Bible.
With that said, what is the theory of Universal Law & Chaos? Before we can examine the Universal Laws, we need to understand what Universal Laws are and how they relate to Universal Chaos. And yes both exist, this is how balance is created within the universe.
Universal Laws were created with 'Creation', whether mankind has discovered them or not. No other laws are necessary to run the Universe. These principles have no exception (as man made laws do) and if events, situations, objects, persons, phenomena and mother nature act as if an exception exists, it is only because humanity does not understand the law in its entirety. These laws are basically rules of nature, or more accurately stated, rules of the Divine Universe. Like laws of science (gravity, relativity, etc.), the Universe laws exist to provide order in nature. Without that order, we would have no purpose, no basic concept of knowledge, wisdom or life.
Out of chaos comes creation. 
The Divine Universe was born out of chaos. 
Thus chaos and creation are in all things.
Including each and everyone of us.
~ Springwolf  🐾 2003
Universal Chaos - where Universal Laws provide order, chaos provides balance. There are theories that Chaos existed before order was established in the universe. That the Universe was born out of chaos and thus chaos is in all things. Keep in mind that Metaphysical concepts are from the great masters (Pythagorus, Aristotle, Plato). The words and meanings are Greek. Chaos, is the creation of perfectness consisting of indestructible, intelligent, energetic atoms (and smaller particles) not having order. Chaos is the essence of all things made in the universes, the formless void of primordial matter.Some call it chaos, others call it perfectness as mankind knows no other.
That's a concept that for humans can sometimes be hard to grasp or put your hands around. So let's break both these down into an example.
Order: Before you are born, you create a blue print of your incarnated life. You lay out the general path you want to take, the situations that need to occur to provide you opportunities for learning lessons, paying or receiving karmic debts, expanding your awareness and hopefully becoming more enlightened. This is the order of your life.
Chaos: In that incarnated life, you have free will and choice. You walk on that path established in your spiritual blue print, but like all construction, once you're building the life, situations present themselves that require choices. This is the chaos that balances the order. Your free will and choice are the chaos in your life. We only hope that we make the best choices and decisions for the evolution of our soul and spiritual growth.
If life were totally preordained, then what's the purpose of learning? What's the purpose of growing and expanding your awareness? The outcome is already known. So why not skip the process and just get to the result. But that's the point. Life IS NOT preordained. Your free will and choice create the chaos that by your decisions direct the outcome. You have the ability to continue your construction and spiritual evolution, or destroy it and face the same situation over and over until the lesson is learned.
Superior and Subordinate Laws:
There are many different laws and not all of them are Universal laws. Pick up a book from Einstein and you'll discover the laws of science, research the mind and you'll find laws of the psyche, study nature and you'll find the laws of nature. These are subordinate laws that provide support to the physical world's perception of order and function.
All the other laws, such as the law of perception, or meditation, organization and so on are established by mankind to give further form, function and detail to the superior Universal laws. They are not necessary, but for mankind, they subordinate laws give additional guidance in the detail of their principles.
The Universal Laws:
There are 23 Universal Laws that balance out the chaos of the Divine. These are Superior laws of the Divine Universe created at the time of Creation. (You might take note of the significance of the number of laws. 23 and how that can be seen in other aspects of creation; or incarnation).
1. The Law of Absorption:
All matter in the universes, regardless of it's manifested vibration, absorbs emanations from all other matter and the matter is influenced by this absorption. In other words, all things are connected, relate and affect one another.
2. The Law of Accountability:
(Also known as the Law of Return). You are accountable for what you create at the moment of creation. This accountability occurs on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and cannot be avoided.
3. The Law of Activity:
Action results from attention of thought and the nature of the action corresponds to the nature of the attention. In other words, the seeds you sow will grow the fruit you plant. What you sow, so shall ye reap.
4. The Law of Apperception:
Conscious of being flows within all units of the Universe. Throughout all eternity, everything has a consciousness and knows it's own conscious being. Thought knows it is thought, energy knows it is energy, every single unit, from the Great Cosmos to the tiniest Atom, knows what the function of it's unit is.
5. The Law of Association:
If two or more things have something in common, the 'thing in common' can be used to influence or control the other thing. The degree of control depends upon the size of the 'thing in common'. The more in common the things have, the more control can be used to influence the things.
6. The Law of Attitude:
"Attitude" is the only weapon that can harm an individual. Nothing, absolutely nothing can harm a human being, but his or her own attitude. Each experience is put in its proper perspective and hopefully resolved in a favorable manner. How you react toward those experiences, your attitude about them, determines how the experience affects you.
7. The Law of Avoidance:
Refusing to handle a highly emotional or unpleasant situation, to deny living up to one's full potential or neglecting to do something that should be done, will affect an individuals physical body and mental mind. As well as lifestyle affairs through each incarnation, until that person correctly balances with the situation.
8. The Law of Balance:
This is the Key To Life. Balance is the nature to maintaining order within the divine universe. Each entity makes choices to exist, when those choices are made in conjunction with the flow of the energy, entities and events balance is maintained.
9. The Law Of Manifestation
(Also known as the Law of Beamed Energy):
Thought is energy, focused on one central idea with one's undivided attention can be created in the mind and then physically transferred from any point of the physical body (eyes, mind, hands, etc.) to any object, subject or ethereal realm for manifestation. The energy can be directed and controlled, with certain behavioral characteristics to accomplish a given result. Mostly commonly used method in healing.
10. The Law of Catastrophe:
Also referred to in the human experience as the stage of drama/trauma. An absolute necessity for the evolutionary process, motivated by many laws of totality, when the seed cracks and growth is permitted to begin. This occurs in the human experience, and in nature.
11. The Law of Cause and Effect:
For every happening in the Universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (This is not to be confused with the Law of Accountability - also known as the Law of Return).
12. The Law of Center:
A basic principle in nature, that everything has a center from which it obtains it's source energy, intelligence and pattern which is continually self-renewing. Each center is connected to every other center and to the one center from which all life is vitalized.
13. The Law of Communication:
Every unit, from the single atom to the galaxy system is "plugged into" a giant switchboard. Each unit as the ability to communicate with all other units through it's own vibrational frequency. This communication system makes it possible for all beings to have psychic possibilities, and to communicate or share information with each other on a psychic level.
14. The Law of Change:
The readiness of a situation to alter, modify, transform or convert is caused by a continual change of inner attitude. As one continues to experience situations in life, their attitude adjusts to process the experience and change occurs.
15. The Law of Consciousness:
Totality is all Consciousness, All there is - is. This is the 'conscious of being' or 'awareness of it's existence'. In other words, what we know at a given moment is reality for us as a conscious individual. What one perceives in consciousness from moment to moment is our individual reality and therefore real for us.
16. The Law of Contact (also known as the Law of Contagion):
Things, animate or inanimate, once in contact with each other will continue to act upon each other even at a distance, long after the physical contact has been made.
17. The Law of Continuity:
Nothing in the Universe ever dies, is lost or destroyed, it just changes form. Everything becomes a part of forever. Matter and Energy are never destroyed only transformed or changed.
18. The Law of Correspondence:
Each component within a system or thing retains its own characteristics and takes on the characteristics of the system or thing as a total sum of its parts. Each component then has two functions; to retrain its own characteristics and to function as the whole system or thing.
19. The Law of Cosmic Web:
Every point in space regardless of vibrational frequency connects with every other point in space and interconnects with every point of time; past, present and future.
20. The Law of Cycles:
A period of time divided into equal lengths and each length of time produces a certain definite effect upon the progressional path of each living organism, object or event. This effect repeats itself in the same order, and at the same intervals, making a circle of time for each system.
21. The Law of Duplication:
If one person can do it, it can be done by others; perhaps to a lesser or higher degree, or equally, to equalize with the activity.
22. The Law of Dying:
When a unit or entity has completed one stage or area of growth, it will gather all the knowledge from this area of growth and all the knowledge from the Group Soul of it's element and withdraw this knowledge into itself, ready to expand into enlightenment.
23. The Law of Elements:
Each unit has it's own frequency, each element in that unit has its frequency of emanations connecting it to and compatible with the parent unit. When these elements are separated from the parent unit, they will still have the same emanations connecting them to the parent unit.

Created: 02/27/2003       Updated: 03/07/2008

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