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Natrual Energy Conductors
Tools For Energy Work

What are they?
For those people who want to work with energy, it's very helpful to know what kinds of material you can use in your work. Copper, crystals, water, wood and just about anything else from nature can be used as a tool for energy work. These objects have their own internal properties that can help a psychic or magikal practioner conduct energy for various uses. You already know what happens when electricity is connected to a copper wire. Just flip a light switch and you'll see it.
Image Credit & CopyrightsAny object used as a tool for divination or any other spiritual work has it's own energy for sure. But that energy only works or can be used if YOU focus and channel it. Remember thought is energy. If you think a thing is "real" then for you it is real. If you place a certain "power" on an object, than that object will posses that power. For instance..If you place a rose quartz crystal next to your bed to bring calm and compassion in your life...that one little thought you made when you placed it on your bed table is how that crystal generated the help you needed.
How? all lies in the "Intent" behind what you asked the object to do for you. When you use a tool for spiritual work, you consecrate it's use or purpose. Even if you don't set the intent through a big or even a little ritual, the single thought created that "power".
If you believe an object has power to help you focus and get in touch with spirit, then it will. Simply because that's what your mind has consecrated the object to do. But these objects have no "power" unto themselves. They posses an energy, but the "power" comes from someone using that energy and setting the intent for it's use. You can do the exact same thing with a new crystal ball you've bought at your local gem store. It will be just as affective and just as powerful as a medallion or one of the crystal skulls.
Let me give you an example. I wear a pendant on a necklace, all the time. It's a crystal wand with a clear quartz crystal on one end and an amethyst on the other. I performed a Native American consecration ceremony on the pendant years ago, and set it's intent for why I wanted to wear it and what I wanted the energy of the crystals to help me create. "Clear thought, protection and an open link to my guides and higher consciousness." And that is exactly what it does...especially when I focus.
Recently, a friend of mine who has just stepped onto the path was asking me about my necklace. After 3 or 4 minutes of discussions, she asked if she could see it closer. I handed it to her. She suddenly felt dizzy, overwhelmed and, as she put it, "out there".
A few months ago, after a meeting at work, I was talking to a young man who is very spiritual in his own right. But his beliefs are a bit different than mine. He walked up to me and basically grabbed my pendant and said with a smile "So what's this? Your voodoo wand?" He held it for a moment said it was pretty and that was it. No side affects, no dizzy overwhelmed feeling.
Now if the pendant affected my girl friend, but not this young man, does that mean it doesn't really have the energy she and I think it does? Or perhaps he simply wasn't in-tuned to it's potential?
Actually, both are true. Why? Because each person created the power within themselves. We are the ones who set the "intent" of the object, not the object itself. The young man doesn't believe crystals can posses "power", so for him, something like the a crystal wand would have no affect and no energy to it. However, my girlfriend..she's new enough to the path and her own spiritual growth that she thinks anything in my office is overwhelming..because she sees me as a "master". That single thought (and I might add misconception) is what "creates" the power she sees.
Why Do Different Gems Contain Different Energies?
Think about it this way....gems and crystals are like energy conductors. Transmitters work on different signals or energy patterns and you may use different conductors to deliver that energy from the source to a receiver. You use copper as a conductor for electricity, fiber optic cable for computer transmissions and even water has it's own conducting properties. So crystals, metals, other spiritual tools for instance all have these same types of conducting properties.
Remember my favorite scientist Einstein theorized (and many believed he proved) that energy has 3 properties to it and when conducted through an object, those properties can be altered, even if it's a slight alteration, it still changes the energy.

The properties are:

  1. sound
  2. light (color)
  3. frequency
Now, let's say that Einstein was completely right (which I think he was) and we all believe this. Emeralds, malachite and green jade stones all have similar color/light patterns, each one in theory vibrates at a similar frequency. Each one does indeed have something to do with healing energy. We know this because healing energy vibrates in the green spectrum. But because of the density of the stone and the variation of green, each one also has it's own "altered" vibration or sound, and also a different frequency as a conductor for healing energy.
For the density think of 2 water glasses that are exactly the same. At this point both containers have the same frequency if you clink a spoon on their sides. But change their density, fill half of one with water and fill the other to the top. Now clink the spoon on the side. The density changed, so the sound changed and so did the vibration of each glass. These changes will also affect the glasses and how they conduct energy through them.
The same is true for stones. Jade, if you've held it, is kind of heavy compared to a piece of malachite. And malachite is heavier than an emerald. So the density of the stones cause them to vibrate at different frequencies.
Right Use Of Energy
You and everything else in this world are made up of electromagnetic energy. Like magnets for instance. Depending on the pull, size and once again the density of the magnet, different objects will interact differently to each magnet. So your physical energy field will also interact differently to different stones or conductors.
A rose quartz crystal is usually used for compassion, patience and love..not because it's a pretty pink (well partly) but mostly because the energy this stone vibrates is in perfect balance with the energy produced by the heart chakra. But that doesn't mean you can't use a rose quartz on another area of your body...not at all, it just means that it interacts best with the heart center.
If you'd like to learn about the properties of each type of stone, check out our Stone Energies.

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