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Chakra Meditation

Opening Your Chakra Centers
Many people like to stimulate their chakras for spiritual work. Stimulating your chakras will assist in work for inner growth and enlightenment, meditation for alignment, balancing your energy, clearing or cleansing your energies, or magikal workings. Opening your chakras can align your energies with the Divine Mind (your higher spiritual mind) and the Divine Universe (The GreatSpirits, God/Goddess). In this way you can infuse the energy of your inner creation with that of the Divine Creation to manifest your workings.
As with any spiritual method, there are many ways to prepare yourself for spiritual work and open your chakra centers. You may want to make up your own based on your personal beliefs and experiences. If you don't understand the purpose or definition of the chakra centers, you might want to read these two articles.
The first is an explanation of Kundalini and the Chakra Centers, and the second is a quick Chakra Reference Map.
Once you think you have a good understanding of the chakra centers and why you might want to perform this meditation, you can use the following as a sample or a base to create your own special Chakra Meditation.
Before you begin, gather together:
  • A white candle.
  • Sage and cedar smudge if you can find it. If not sandlewood incense will suffice.
  • A large feather.
  • A clear quartz crystal.
  • A lighter or book of matches.
  • Many people like to use music as a background to lightly drown out the daily noises that might be around your home or space. You should chose something from the New Age or classical genre. You want instrumentals only as vocal music might interfere with your concentration.
    If you'd like an example, my personal favorite piece is called Ascension to All That Is by Robert Slap. You can find it on
Meditation Process
This is our suggested step-by-step process. Customize this to fit your own ideas and preferences.
  1. Start your music and begin the ritual in a standing position, facing the great North Winds. Light the incense you have brought to the ritual and say a prayer to the God/Goddess and essence of Earth for assistance, energy and protection. (This is for you and the circle.)
  2. Turn to the right and face east, (you can use your hand or a specially made feather fan to spread the smoke of the incense through the room). Wave the fan over the incense to use the smoke to clear out old energies and prepare for new ones. Ask the God/Goddess to bring forth the essence of Air, your guides, and teachers to assist you in the cleansing, preparation and opening. Wave the smoke through the air fanning it away from you toward the east. Ask that this energy move out any negative or unwanted essences from your circle and your home.
  3. Turn to the right facing south. Fan the smoke out toward the south and ask The God/Goddess, the essence of Fire and your guides for their energy and the positive forces within the universe to assist you in this clearing, opening and preparation for the purpose of (state your purpose).
  4. Turn to the right facing west. Fan the smoke out toward the west and give thanks for the assistance and help you are about to receive. Once again ask the God/Goddess, the essence of Water, and your guides to assist you in opening your centers, grounding your energies and raising your vibrations for the spiritual work ahead.
  5. Turn to the right again facing North and step into the circle you made, or just sit down in front of the circle you're creating.
    1. Some Witches will mark the area with a cotton rope, using a broom to mark the entry point. When the space has been defined, the Witch will "jump over the broom" as a symbol of entry into a sacred space, and a gateway that keeps out any negative influences. Using energy to visually open and close the doorway represented by the broom.
  6. Set the incense in a holder on the right side of the circle and allow the smoke to fill the space. Imagine the smoke clearing out the energies around you replacing it with clear bright white light from the divine forces. Say a prayer if you like, something of your own to add to the creation of the pure light.
  7. Put the candle at the top of the circle. As you light the wick imagine this source of this flame coming from within your being..from inside your solar plexus.
    1. Say a prayer as you light the wick..something like:
      "I light this candle as a symbol of the divine spirit within me and around me. As a beacon for all the positive forces that reside and exist in this time and space."
  8. Pick up the crystal and imagine the white light of divine knowledge traveling through the top of your head, down your arms and through the palms of your hands into the crystal. As the energy travels through your arms, imagine it shifting or splitting into 3 additional energies. Pink for unconditional love, emerald green for divine healing and white for divine knowledge. Charge the crystal with these energies and place a thought in it's structure for what you want it to help you with.
    1. In this case, you want the crystal to push out the tiniest elements of negative forces or manipulative energies from the center of your being. Imagine the white, pink and green light pushing any unwanted or negative energy out of your very being. Imagine this unwanted energy as a gray smoke floating out of your being, out to the universe where it will be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone.
    2. You add to this vision with another prayer of intent:
      "God/Goddess, guides and teachers, I ask your assistance to charge this crystal with the light and energy of the divine, with unconditional love and the knowledge of understanding, for the purpose of clearing, cleansing and opening my spiritual chakra centers for the purpose of preparing for (state your reason again)"
    3. Then place the crystal on the right side of the circle.
  9. Now close your eyes and focus your mind on your 3rd eye (located in the center of your forehead, just above the brow line). Imagine the white light of the God/Goddess coming through your head and moving down your spine. Imagine this pure white light moving down your back to the base of your spine or root chakra energizing the chakra centers preparing your energies for the opening process.
    1. Beginning at the bottom imagine the divine light collecting at root chakra. Imagine the white energy spinning in a clockwise motion. Imagine the energy moving at the speed of a second hand on a watch. As the energy moves, imagine it slowly changing color to pink for unconditional love and then slowly moving to red which will energize the root chakra helping to open the area for the work ahead.
    2. Imagine the red light moving up the spine to the Pancreas/Spleen chakras. As the energy moves up, imagine it changing to pink once more. As the energy enters the chakras, imagine the pink light spinning counter-clockwise, just a little faster than the chakra before. Imagine the energy slowly changing color from pink to orange, filling the chakras and energizing them as before.
    3. Continue this imagery, moving the pink love light from the Pancreas/Spleen up to the Solar Plexus. Spin the energy just a little faster and imagine it changing to a bright clear yellow. Imagine the energy spinning in a clockwise motion.
    4. Move the pink light to the Adrenal chakra, spinning a little faster and changing to a golden yellow wrapped in emerald green. Imagine the energy spinning in a clockwise motion.
    5. Move the pink light from the adrenals up to the Thymus or Heart Chakra. Spin the energy a little faster and imagine the color changing to a clear and vibrant emerald green. Imagine the energy spinning in a clockwise motion.
    6. Move the pink light up to the thyroid or throat chakra, spinning the energy a little quicker and moving the energy color to a brilliant blue. Imagine the energy spinning in a clockwise motion.
    7. Move the pink light up to the pituitary and spin the energy faster. By now, the energy should be moving very quickly now and moves from the pink love energy to a bright and clear purple color. Imagine the energy spinning in a clockwise motion.
    8. Move the pink light up to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The energy moves faster here than any of the other chakra points. Imagine the pink light spinning clockwise and changing to a very bright and clear white.
    9. Hold these images for a few moments. Energizing the chakra centers, preparing them for the spiritual ritual or work ahead.
    10. Now imagine the energies of each chakra moving up and down the spine, in a clockwise motion, connecting all your centers and stimulating your Kundalini flow. As the energy combines, imagine all the energies mixing into a very bright white divine light. This energy connects all the chakras, even though the Pancreas/Spleen themselves are spinning counter-clockwise; it is still connected through the other chakra centers through the flow of Kundalini energy which flows clockwise through the entire body.
    11. As the light travels through the centers, imagine it growing and becoming stronger. Imagine this light growing and moving in a circle out toward the surface of your body. Filling your physical structure with divine light and energy. Finally moving outside the confines of your body, encircling your being to about 6-12 inches.
    12. Keep this image for a few moments. Imagine how this alignment will help you perform the work ahead. Imagine as much detail as you like.
    13. To conclude the ceremony, take a deep breath and slowly become aware of your surroundings. Thank all the guides, teachers and God/Goddess for coming to your aid and guiding your energy and words.
      "I thank all the forces who came for their assistance, I ask that the energy of this circle be closed for the purpose of this cleansing, opening and re-energizing. I ask that only that which is still needed within my home, my being and soul remain until such time as the divine energy has affected the positive changes desired. I bless thee and thank thee all. Amen"
    14. Take another deep breath filling your lungs to their fullest capacity and become more aware of where you are. Take a little stretch and then open your eyes. You can take a few moments to blow out the candle and douse your incense, thanking both for their assistance in this ritual. Or you can allow these tools to continue burning, moving them to a safe location in your spiritual area or home.
    15. Move out of the circle and close the space once more. If this is where you will be conducting another ceremony for a Sabbat or Esbat, you might want to leave the broom and imagery of the door. Keeping the area closed and protected until later in the evening or when you'll begin the work at hand.
      1. Clean up any thing you have left in the circle or space and say one last word of thanks to the Gods/Goddess and spiritual helpers.
Conclude Your Session
Just as important, once you open your chakras, there will come a point where you need to close them. Either later in the day during a Sabbat ritual or a working ceremony. In order to close your chakras, here are some suggestions.
  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Imagine the white light you have expanded around your physical body.
  3. Imagine this light slowly moving back inside your physical structure. Some people like to maintain the vision of being filled with the divine light and energy; while others like to pull it all the way back to the spinal cord.
  4. Now imagine all your spinning chakra centers. Each one with it's own individual color. You don't want to stop the spinning, you just want to close off the energy forces you opened up to. To do this imagine the white light wrapping around the chakra centers, almost as if they're making a cocoon. Holding in the work you've been doing and blocking any negative forces or unwanted energies. Keeping you grounded and focused for your daily activities.
  5. Conclude this meditation with a deep breath and a word of thanks an prayer. "I thank all the forces for their assistance, and protection during this day. I thank thee all for the assistance with my work, my growth and my evolution of spirit, honor and ritual. I bless thee and thank thee all. Amen"
  6. Take one last deep breath, become aware of your surroundings and have a little stretch. When you're ready, open your eyes and if necessary clear your ritual space.
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