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University Of Virginia's
Religious Movements

UVa's Religious Movements Website
Early in the turn of this century, the University of Virginia put together one of the best and most comprehensive online libraries relating to modern day religious movements. The effort was immense and could only be out shined by the great and wonderful research conducted by the students and professors of the Sociology Department.
Begun nearly a decade ago in conjunction with a course on New Religious Movements that Prof. Jeffrey K. Hadden had taught at the University of Virginia for more than twenty years, the Religious Movements Homepage Project has grown into an Internet resource for teaching and scholarship that is widely acknowledged as among the finest in the world. The site was originally @ Religious Movements and maintained profiles for over 100 different religions and paths of spiritual beliefs.
The founding editor of the Religious Movements Homepage Project, Jeff Hadden, passed away in 2003. Its new editor-in-chef is Douglas E. Cowan, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Cowan will be overseeing the ongoing development of the Web site and its migration to servers at his home institution.
As this process is expected to take some time, researchers may wish to consult an archived version, at
Update 2009.12 - I have not been able to access this site for several months. Hopefully this is a sign that the new custodians of this information are working on the republication of this site.
The last update to this site was in 2007. Even though this information has been archived, I've been a bit worried that the project might eventually be canceled and lost. Especially in these economic times. I have solicited and attained permission from Dr.Cowan to reprint a few of the profiles from the original site that I think my readers might find interesting.
Hopefully the new site will be up and running again soon. Until then, the following are articles created by the UVA project. They are intact and the content has not been altered. I have removed some of the graphics and links from the pages so they will work functionally here on
Please note:
These pages are not written or created by me or anyone associated with Pagan's Path. They were and still are the property of the University of Virginia (or it's designated representative). As such, they are not maintained or kept up to date here on my site. If you find a broken link, you can let me know and I will update the page with a notation.
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