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The Lost Continent.
The spiritual process of human evolution culminated in the perfect civilization we know as Atlantis about 70-60,000 years ago. They believed "God is one, not separate and distinct", meaning "God is within and without, we are one with God as God Light Beings".
The Atlantean civilization was very organized and structured. Each member of society had a place and purpose within the community. It was designed as a harmonious integration of individual energies, talents and abilities. They lived in what we would now call 'classes' or levels of society and rarely crossed those boundaries. The workers who built the cities and maintained the environment were at the bottom of that ladder. That's not to say they were the poorest or less intelligent, but it is believed they were just opening to their spirituality and enlightenment.
Next came the Spiritualists. The people who had awakened their inner selves and understood how they 'fit' within the universe. These people were the 'nurturers', the healers, scientists, law makers and so on.
The Priests and Priestess are next in line. They were the care takers of the temples, sort of the spiritual teachers for the masses and advisors to the law makers and scientists.
Finally at the top of the ladder, the Prophets and Prophetess'. These were the spiritual Leaders, the Teachers of the Teachers, the Council Members. Another way of putting it is to say the Priests/Priestesses were the Cardinals, the Prophets/Prophetess were the Popes.
It is believed Atlantis was a very 'feminine' society. But in actuality, it was the 'feminine energy' that was prevalent. That energy is the thought/intuitive side within us all. Where as male energy is the 'do', the female is the 'I think'. So those individuals who were very much in touch with their intuitive selves were held in higher esteem than those that were working on the process. Consequently, a Prophetess held a higher position in the society than a Prophet, and so on down the chain.
Their society was very conducive to the 'we' attitude of living. If a problem existed it was "Our Problem", not a certain segment of the community. Couples loved and lived as one for as long as their spiritual lessons required. If they no longer developed spiritually as a unit, they divorced. Not in the context that we think of today, but as a mutual agreement of spiritual evolution and consideration.
Children were thought of as the most important assets to the community, and beginning within the womb, their spiritual training began. A Prophet would commune with the soul about to enter this embodiment and discuss the purpose and path of the child within the community. Children would then begin their training for that path, before birth. They lived with their parents for the first 2-4 years and then moved to a community home where their training would increase and intensify.
For many 1,000s of years, this method of life worked well for the Atlanteans. But then around 20,000 BC, their civilization began to progress scientifically faster than their spiritual accountability to keep up with. They slowly began to fall out of balance, not considering the consequences of their scientific research, studies or experiments. Some people feel this growing conflict culminated when Atlantean science began splicing cells and genes to 'create' as God would create. But what they created was what we might call mutants. Centurions would be good examples of these experiments.
The half man, half horse beings were cast into the worker classes, but were still held in esteem positions. They took a place in society that was not needed before this time, as guards and guardians for the Priests, Priestesses, Prophets and Prophetess'.
As the 'ego' of science grew, so did the greed of power in politics. Little by little, the battles between the spiritual community and the law/science communities grew. As the Prophets began to warn of their impending doom, the masses became confused and disillusioned. Not knowing who to believe, their society began to break down.
Within a matter of 20-50 years, these battles practically cast Atlantis into civil war. The scientists used their new weapons against the spiritualists, who used their power and knowledge of crystal energy against the scientists. It wasn't long before both sides clashed in an ultimate battle that finally destroyed the land and their 'perfect' civilization.
The result of this destruction create an enormous karmic shift in the Universe. The shift cast our planet into a quarantine segregating our connection to the rest of the universe. At the time however, the Atlanteans had their own catastrophe to deal with. Some believe the 12 Tribes of Abraham (the first children of God) were really the survivors of Atlantis. The people who managed to escape, spread out across the globe and settled the world. Is it no wonder how ancient civilizations share many of the same or at least very similar belief systems?
So what does the legend of Atlantis mean to us here in this time? Why should we care about this perfect society? There are a couple of answers to those questions. The first could be personalized, were you one of those souls who lived during the time of the Atlantean destruction? Have you redeemed the karmic debt you may have incurred during that time? Maybe yes, and maybe no.
As a global community it has taken our collective society 40,000 years to repay the karma incurred from those years of war, greed and ego. There are those who believe the United States is the great experiment for the final payment of karmic debt. No where else in the world is there such a mixing pot of all civilizations and beliefs as there is here in the U.S. That is the energy needed to balance the scale and put the karma to rest.
Some people believe the energy created in the capital of Atlantis, Posidea, is being tested for reclamation in it's modern day equivalent, Washington, D.C. Other than the political significance, including representation from foreign soil in the means of embassies, look at the structural similarity. If you were to think of what Posidea's landscape looked like, would you see a pyramid monolith similar to the Washington Monument? Would you see temples of worship similar to the gothic Washington Cathedral? Would see pillars of honor like the Jefferson and Lincoln Monuments? And the most over whelming symbols of the national capital, the Capital Building and the White House.
Now take into consideration the power struggles that co-exist in the city everyday. The U.S. government has at it's finger tips, the most lethal and deadly forces. Yet at the same time, the government has within it's power to save the smallest child from hunger. The decisions made in Washington do effect the rest of the globe, whether we think they do or not.
The main purpose in attempting to understand the myth or facts of Atlantis is to keep it from happening again. If it's a myth, then it is a great metaphor to the politics and science of today. If the legend is fact, a tale passed down from generation to generation, then it is a warning to the world as a whole.

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