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Transmutation Breathing

What is it?
How often have you heard “take in 10 deep breaths to calm down”? Or before you make a decision or release stress someone often makes a comment about a deep sigh or deep breath to relax. We can often find much wisdom in these “old wives tales”, and this one isn’t an exception. Breathing is a metaphor for life. If you cut off your breathing, then try to see what in your life you are cutting off. By learning how to breath properly, you can add to the flow of energy within your body and increase the “life” in events around you. That’s basically what transmutation breathing is. It is a mechanism for helping the lungs transform it’s energies for the betterment of the whole body.
When you breath on a physical level, you pull in oxygen. Everyone knows our body needs oxygen to survive. We breath to deliver oxygen to the brain, to oxygenate the blood in our body and so on. When you breath deeply, you expel the natural build up of water in your lungs. Keeping the lungs dry and free from illness. We do this naturally, but when we’re stressed or in situations of great fear, we have a tendency to alter our breathing. This alteration can cause a build up of the fluids in the lungs and a person slowly develops bronchitis or even phenomena.
This physical requirement often causes us to forget about the “life force energy” that our spiritual body requires. Life force energy is also called Prana, Ki and Chi, and when we breath, we pull in this energy along with the oxygen. It is an energy that helps our spiritual body connect to the world around us. It helps us balance, address issues and find higher states of awareness that can assist in our enlightenment. Ki is just as important to our spiritual body as oxygen is for our physical body.
Why do we need to learn how to breath?
When breathing normally, most people will breath into their stomach. Instead of watching the rise and fall of your chest, you can see the effect in your tummy. Now, think about this for a second. Where are your lungs? When you take in a deep breath, you force your body to breath properly, you force the air into your lungs and not your stomach. You not only increase the levels of oxygen in the body, but you also pull in more Ki energy as well. Just as the lungs are properly equipped to maximize the benefit of the oxygen delivery to the body, they are also equipped on a spiritual level to deliver the Ki energy to the spiritual body. Simply learning how to breath properly can effect many changes in your life.
Just how do you prepare for Transmutation Breathing?
The easiest way to begin is to set aside some time during the day to specifically work on your breathing. Now that’s not as hard as you might think. You take your lungs with you everywhere you go. So why can’t you breath at the next red light or while you’re waiting to pay that toll during rush hour traffic.
  1. 4-6 times a day, take in 10 deep breaths. As you breath in, set the intent for your breath work. For instance, say an affirmation or a state a purpose for what you want to change in your life. If you have recently addressed some fear you have in your life, then use breath work to help you overcome and release it.
  2. As you breath in say to yourself “I want to express my emotions, desires and feelings in a free and positive way”. Not “I want to release fear”, this approach focuses on the fear.
  3. Focus on each breath. With each inhale, state in your mind or out loud the affirmation or intent. On the exhale, imagine the stress and anxiety about this issue traveling out of your body like a gray smoke.
  4. On the last exhale, say a quick prayer for the energy you’ve released... As you watch the last gray smoke travel out your body, say to yourself...Great Spirit I release this energy into the ethers where it can be dissipated and no longer do harm to me or anyone else in the universe.
You should breath in through your nose, pulling in the oxygen and Ki into your lungs. But you should expel the stress and anxiety through your mouth.
At least once a day, try to find 5 minutes to sit down and relax to really focus on the transmutation process.
  1. Start with 10 deep breaths focusing on your intent.
  2. Once you have completed the breath work, focus on the muscles in your body, starting with your toes. As you breath in, tighten one muscle group at a time, and imagine positive Ki energy going into the muscle.
  3. With the exhale, relax the muscles and imagine the Ki pushing out any residual stress or anxiety stored in your body. Continue this process up your body to your head.
  4. When you have completed this step, focus once more on just the breathing. Take in 5 deep breaths, stating the intent as before. Only add a positive remark about returning health and balance to your body.


Final Notes
Nasal breathing is a centering mechanism. Energizing the left/right brain atmospheres. The problem is, most people pull those breaths into their stomach and not into their solar plexus where repression’s are kept. The solar plexus is the bridging chakra. It is the center point of the body, connecting the lower physical chakras to the upper spiritual chakras.
The solar plexus is located at the lower point of the rib cage, where the ribs meet in the middle. By focusing on breathing into the lungs, you are feeding the solar plexus with the Ki energy. The energy can then help you release the repressed emotions and therefore effect positive change in your health, balance and spiritual being.
Transmutation breathing can be done alone, or as a prelude to your meditations. As with any method of effecting change, you have to make the effort to do it, and you have to truly want to make the transformation. As you practice and work through your breathing technique, you should try to increase the deep breaths. 100 consecutive deep breaths take about 5 minutes to accomplish. This is exactly what you want to aspire to.
As with any thing, what works for one may not work for another. So if you feel comfortable altering this method to suite your specific needs, then give it a shot. Add some ritual, or designate a specific time to do your breath work. There are as many approaches as their people who breath, so experiment for about 2 weeks with each method until you find the combination that works best for you.
And if you don’t have time during the day to breath, or work on this method 4-6 times a day, then don’t discard the idea. Even doing this once a day or even once a week is better than not at all. So give it shot and let us all know how it works for you.