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Sabbats: Southern Hemisphere Calendar

Many Thanks
to Kiwi Catherine
The Magikal Festivals
The days for rest, the Sabbats are seasonal celebrations. Each one of these Sabbats were and often still are a celebration of the feminine spirit. Worshiping or honoring what can be called the triple Goddess. The word Sabbat is French and is derived from the Hebrew Sabbath which means "to rest".
Now what if your seasonal celebrations are just the opposite from the most commonly advertised dates? Huh?
If you live in the southern hemisphere your seasonal cycle is just the opposite from the northern hemisphere where these original celebrations were established. If the Sabbats were meant as specific dates to be honored and celebrated; then you might be celebrating a harvest festival when in your region of the world, it's really planting season. So what do you do?
Thanks to a wonderful Kiwi named Catherine we have an answer. Catherine posted an answer to this very question on our Message Board. After a little more research to verify the information, I think we can finally post a calendar here with a bit of confidence. Woohoo!
Holiday Alternative Name Astrological Event Date Purpose
Samhain   15 Taurus May 1 Pagan New Year, Honoring the Dead, Cleansing and releasing
Yule   Winter Solstice Jun 21 Rebirth, Life triumphs over death
Bridgid Imbolc 15 Leo Aug 1 Purification, Initiation, Dedication
Eostara Lady Day Spring Equinox  Sep 21 Conception, Regeneration, New Beginnings
Beltane May Day 15 Scorpio  Oct 31 Passion that fuels Life, Joy, Fertility
Litha Midsummer Summer Solstice Dec 21 Transition, Planning
Lammas Lughnasadh 15 Aquarius Feb 2 Gratitude, Abundance, Fruition
Mabon   Autumn Equinox Mar 21 Giving thanks, Reflection
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