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Welcome to the Pagan's Path Message Board. This is our public discussion area. The intent of this board is to provide both new and experienced practioners a place to learn, share and explore various aspects of the religion of
Witchcraft, the practices of magik, Shamanism and spiritual healing.

This board IS NOT for those who disagree with our way of life or our religion. Postings of harassment and hate will be removed and if necessary turned over to the proper authorities for legal consideration of prosecution.

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Postings will be removed after 30 days. If you see something you like, copy it, or print it off. It may not be here next time you pass through the board.

PagansPath Message Board

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The original PagansPath Message board hosted by went out of business on December 31st, 2001.

The Pagan's Path Message Board
was established during the Mid-Summer festival
on June 21, 2000

And re-established November 27, 2001