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The Right Music
I'm often asked about the type of music I use for healings or guided meditations. It's become such a recurring question that I decided to put together a short recommended list of music. This of course and by no means is a complete list of music that's available today. But these are some of my favorites that I enjoy listening to, as well as, working with.
Josephine Wall
With that said, let me add that all of these compilations can be found on If you'd like to do your own search, select Music from the Amazon list of products and type Reiki in the search field. Many of these offer snippets to listen to before you purchase the CD.
  • Reiki: The Light Touch by Merlin's Magic
  • The Heart of Reiki by Merlin's Magic
  • Reiki by Merlin's Magic
  • Reiki (Mind, Body, Soul Series) by Llewellyn and Tina Allison
  • Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits by The Candlelight Guitarist
  • Reiki: Healing Hands by Anuvida and Nik Tyndall
  • Reiki Harmony by Terry Oldfield
  • Healing by Anugama
  • After the Rain...The Soft Sounds of Erik Satie by Erik Satie
  • The Tao of Cello by Darling, David
  • Miracles by Whitesides-Woo, Rob
  • The Healer's Way: soothing music for those in pain, Vol. I by Benson, Stella
  • Natural Stress Relief: Dan Gibson's Solitudes by Various Artists
  • Gentle Music For Massage, Vol. 3 by Highstein, Max
  • Open Harp by Ariane Lydon
  • A Winter's Solstice: Windham Hill Artists by Various Artists

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Created: 09.12.2004           Updated: 02.11.2008