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Herbology: Garden Remedies
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Never, ever eat an herb, fruit or vegetable without fully knowing and understanding how it will interact with your body. Especially if you're looking for a remedy for internal use. Many plants that work well as topicals can be toxic and deadly if taken internally. It is very important and I can not stress this enough! If you're not sure, just don't do it!
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Plant Common Remedy
Agrimony Can be used for a variety of stomach ailments, such as diarrhea, diseases of the liver and gall bladder and indigestion.
Allspice Wonderful for soothing skin ailments as a bath. In hair rinses for it's wonderful fragrance and brown color.
Alder Buckthorn For chronic and spastic constipation.
Almonds In a fine powder it makes a wonderful topical scrub for blemishes, and in a bath for soothing skin irritations.
Aloe The best remedy for any type of burn. It's great for aiding in the healing process of cuts and bruises. As well as, for healing dry and cracked skin.
American Ginseng Known to lower blood pressure, ease depression and aid those with exhaustion and weakness.
Angelica Can be used for loss of appetite, flatulence, rheumatism and exhaustion.
Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away. They promote regularity of the bowels and help the body to create a wonderful natural glow and color of the skin. As a topical it helps remove rough skin, and using the juice straight is a fantastic hair setting liquid.
Apricot Great for oily skin as a scrub, lotion or soap.
Artichoke These little gems help with gallstones, nausea and disorders of the liver.
Ash For fevers, rheumatism, constipation, dropsy, bladder disfuctions and kidney disorders.
Autumn Crocus A beautiful flower that helps those with gout.
Avocado Also wonderful as a soap, lotion and topical for dry skin ailments.
Balm Flatulence, gastric disorders, neuralgia, migraines, insomnia and restlessness.
Bannana As a liquid cream it's great as a cleansing mask for your face, chest and back. Internally they help with muscle cramps. But too much taken internally in the summer time can emit oils through the skin that attract mosketos.
Barberry For fever liver and gall bladder disorders, kidney stones, gallstones and constipation.
Basil Wonderful as a powdered shampo to promote shine and body. But it's also a wonderful aid in easing constipation.
Bay Leaves Help those who suffer with anorexia, rheumatism, digestive disorders and even some skin diseases.
Belladonna For eye diseases, peptic ulcers, kidney stones and asthma.
Birch Can be great for rheumatism symptoms, but it's best uses are for loss of hair and dandruff.
Bitter Almond Got a cough? Try sucking on some bitter almond candies. Helps with gastritis and enteritis and even earaches.
Bitter Orange For nausea, nervous complaints of the stomach and restlessness. It might even help on those sleeplessness nights.
Black Cherry One of natures best throat and lung remedies. Good for bronchitis, whooping cough and upper respiratory discomforts.
Black Mustard For bronchitis, rheumatism, and arthritis.
Bloodroot Great as a save for skin ailments.
California Poppy Helps with troubled nerviousness, insomnia and restlessness. It can ease overexcitablity and even helps with deb-wetting.
Caraway Another remedy for intestinal disorders and flatulence.
Carob Great for clearing the throat, and easing soreness.
Chinese Pagoda Tree Eases hemoroid pain and discomfort as well as some cholesterol build up problems.
Cinnamon Digestive disorders seem to fair better with a taste of cinnamon.
Coffee Yes there are benefits. Fatigue, headaches, and some circulatory disorders.
Cola Don't think about Coke© but rather cola. This non-carbonated stuff is wonderful for migraines, circulatory insufficiencies, and for periods of weakness and fatigue. But it's best usage is for an upset stomach.
Daisy Used only externally in lotions and ointments for cuts, bruises, wounds and skin problems.
Dandelion Those yellow summer flowers aren't just weeds. They're great for chronic skin disorders, kidney stones and even some digestive problems. From Liver and gall bladder ailments to digestion problems.
Dwarf Elder For constipation, kidney and bladder problems.
Dill In soaps and lotions for dry skin. In foods for easing problems with constipation.
Elder Berries Make a wonderful black hair dye. As well as a soothing wine for nerves.
Elder Flowers The blossoms of the elder tree can be used to soften dry skin or as an astringent for healing cuts and sores.
Eucalyptus Colds and sore throats feal better with eucalyptus tea. Nasal stuffiness and bronchitis problems ease with a a leaf steaming.
Ferns Like many of the plants listed here, ferns come in a variety of species. Some help with limp hair, others for healing old cuts and bruises that refuse to go away and some for healing skin diseases.
Figs Those little fig cookies are wonderful for constipation. But they also ease problems with long term coughing disorders.
Flax The almost all purpose plant. Helps with shingles, boils and ulcers. Sore throat and hoarseness from coughing or colds. Constipaiton and gastritis ailments find a bit of relief here too.
Garden Sage Not just for cleansing and clearing the energies in your home as an incense. This wonderful plant also has it's remedy values. Sore throats and hoarsness due to colds and coughs. But it also helps the coughs, especially those caused by smoking.
Garlic Science is finnaly catching up with what the "old wives" tales have always known. Ease that blood pressure with garlic tablets. It also helps increase your natural ability to fight off infections, and even helps to get rid of stomach and intestinal worms.
Ginger For appetite loss, indigestion, and diarrhea. But it's also used in veterinary medicine.
Grapes For liver ailments, constipation, and problems with obesity.
Green Pepper Indigestion, as a spice or to help with arthritis pain.
Henbane To ease asthma attacks, breathing problems during bronchitis and ease the aches during rheumatism.
Hops For nervious anxiety, sleeping problems and even gaseous stomach build-ups.
Horseradish Not just a spice, this little number is wonderful for indigestion. It's also helpful for bladder and kidney disorders.
Iceland Moss For any lung or breathing problems. Bronchitis, recurring coughs, and ailments with the upper respiratory tract. It also helps with states of exhaustion and weakness.
Indian Hemp Helps with healing from heart failure and in dealing with high blood pressure.
Indian Tobacco Believe it or not, if you use tobacco in other forms than smoking, it can have great benefits for your lungs. Especially for bronchitis, whooping cough and bronchial asthma.
Jasmine Wonderful for massage oils to ease dry skin.
Java Tea Helps with dropsy.
Juniper A wonderful tea for arthritis pain, and muscular rheumatism. Also helpful in dealing with bladder and kidney disorders.
Kelp A general name for seaweeds. Taken internally it provides many minerals and vitamines to the body for healthy glowing skin.
Kidney Vetch A great ointment for injuries and slow healing wounds.
Lavender Not only a beautiful flower, but this one helps with dealing migraines, nervousness and circularoty problems. As well as exhaustion and sleeplessness.
Lemon Verbena For indigestion and nervous insomnia.
Licorice Helps in easing coughing problems.
Lily-Of-The-Valley My favorite flowering plant. These wonderful white bells help with cardiac problems.
Marigolds If you love roses, you should be planting these wonderful little plants right next to them. They attract the bug eaters that eat the bugs that love your roses. They're also good for clearing up bruises, and contusions. Plus slow healing wounds, skin diseases and even in clearing away stains.
May Apple For constipation and helping aid the fight of skin cancer.
Mullein For fighting respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, inflammation of the upper respiratory area and recurring coughs.
New Jersey Tea For easing sore throat pain and inflamation in the mouth.
Nutmeg Wonderful for rhumatism pains, and circulatory ailments.
Oak Helps with bleeding gums, indigestion, hemorrhoids and eczema. But as a topical, it's great for sweating feet.
Oats An oat bath is wonderful for eczema and itching skin. But as a food, it helps with clearing indigestion, easing diarrhea and even helping you sleep.
Olive For gallstones and high blood pressure problems. Pluse indigestion and constipation.
Opium Poppy Well, opium is a powerful pain killer, but when taken in some forms, it's also a powerful narcotic. As a tea it's great for diarrhea. Here in the U.S. most of our most effective pain killers are called opiate, which means they're based from opium flowers. Lorocet, percocet, codine, vicodan and demoral are all opiate based medicines.
Pansy A wonderful topical for eczema.
Papaya Helps with digestion of fat and fat by products.
Parsley Not just a decorative arrangement on your dinner plate, but it's great for killing bad breath. It also aids in digestive disorders and eases the pain and ache of swollen kidneys and bladder ailments.
Peppermint For bad breath, and nausea. It also eases the aches, pains and stiffness that often comes with the common cold.
Pumpkin This holiday favorite is wonderful for digestion disorders, including worms.
Quince Helps with shingles, boils and ulcers. Sore throat and hoarseness from coughing or colds. Constipaiton and gastritis ailments find a bit of relief here too.
Quack Grass For bladder and indigestion problems. This grass is also great for skin ailments too.
Rhubarb This wonderful veggie helps with stomach ailments. Use just a little for diarrhea problems, and add a little more to your plate for constipation attacks.
Roses Used in a variety for forms for skin ailments.
Rosemary Wonderful for circulatory disorders, and easing nervous heart complaints. Helps in relaxing stress from the body, and aids in low blood pressure.
Rue This beautiful flowering plant helps with nervous anxiety and dyspepsia, as well as problems with varicose veins.
Sassafras This fragrent and tastey plant is wonderful for skin disorders and in easing the aches of rheumatism.
Silverweed Good for inflammations of the mouth, healing wounds, indigestion and diarrhea.
Snakeroot A wonderful topical. It helps with slow healing wounds, contusions and bruises. But it's also good internally with bronchitis and sore throats.
Strawberry For easing diarrhea and helping with kidney stones.
Sweet Grass Wonderful for Colic.
Tangerine Used with grains, it can make a wonderful topical scrub for clearing away dead skin and oils. Internally, it's great for helping ease the symptoms of the common cold.
Tea Many plants can be used in teas, but the most common blend is in part camellia thea. The common american tea is soothing to the nerves and calming for those with high blood pressure.
Thyme Got a cold, have some thyme. It's wonderful for whooping cough, hoarseness, chills, and bronchitis. It also eases the suffering of digestive disorders.
Vanilla An aphrodisiac, and wonderful for soothing nerves.
Watercress Good for metabolic disorders, and chronic rheumatism.
White Willow For fevers, headaches and migraines.
Wild Ginger Good for sore throat and laryngitis.
Winter Cabbage Not just a wonderful decoration for your garden. These beautiful veggies help with peptic ulcers, and the aches that come from rheumatism.
Wintergreen Another rhematic remedy. As well as sciatica and lumbago.
Witch Hazel A wonderful anti-biotic for contusions and slow healing wounds. But it's also great for nose bleeds, sprains and even hemorrhoids.
Yams Helps the body create certain kinds of hormones. Eases rheumatism, whooping cough and bronchial asthma.
Yarrow Helps with a variety of stomach ailments. Anorexia, glatulence, diarrhea, ulcers and indigestion.
Yellow Jessamine Good for facial neuralgia, migrains and cramps.
Zinnia Used as a hair rinse.

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