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Healing By Proxy

Absentee Healing
One of the wonderful things about energy, is that it can be directed and channeled over great distances. If you have the talent as a healer, you might want to offer your gift to someone in need, but hesitate because they are in a different location, state, or even country.
Well, once again I'd like to state my favorite quote:
Albert Einstein:
Thought is energy. To create it, just use your imagination.
Now Albert knew something that many people are now becoming aware of. Just as a psychic can provide readings over the phone or over the computer, so too can a healer connect with a client and deliver healing energy.
Using A Proxy
Josephine WallBut what if you can't speak to the person, online or on the phone? The easiest method then is to use a proxy. So what's a proxy?
A proxy is an object that is utilized by a healer, to represent the recipient of the healing energy. The proxy is used in place of the person, animal or whatever, that can not be in your physical presence at the time of the healing.
My favorite proxy is teddy bear. But you can use a pillow, a picture of the person, a doll, statue or whatever you feel comfortable with. The proxy helps the healing channel focus and direct the energy needed by the recipient. The client relieves the energy through the proxy, because that's what you've set it up to do before you began the healing session.
Setting The Intent Of A Proxy
This is very important and is a step you can not miss or bypass for an absentee healing. When you're ready to send healing to a client you'll need to concentrate and set the intent of using the proxy in place of the physical contact with the recipient. By using your imagination, prayer and intent, the Divine forces will help you to direct the energy needed through the ethers to the client which it's intended for.
Setting the proxy is really very easy and just takes a few moments. Find an object that you'll want to use for your proxy. Prepare your space as you would for any spiritual exercise. Then set your intent and begin. The following is a brief example of how Spring teaches Absentee Healing in her Reiki workshops.
    1. Prepare your ritual space. Chose a place where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes.
    2. Light a candle and say a personal prayer asking your guides, teachers, angels, and your personal Divine force(s) to assist you with this healing.
    3. Now sit in a comfortable position and place your proxy in front of you.
    4. Close your eyes and take in a few deep cleansing breaths.
    5. Imagine a white inner glow of divine light building within your solar plexus.
    6. With each breath, the light enlarges until your entire body is fully engulfed with the Divine light.
    7. Hold your hand in front of your face, palms facing each other, but not touching.
    8. Imagine the face and essence of the individual who will be receiving your healing energy. Hold this image of them in your hands.
    9. Once you feel comfortable with the connection you've made, it's important to ask the individual if they are willing to receive this gift of energy for whatever their higher purpose deems necessary.
    10. If you sense an answer of acceptance, then slowly lower your hands to the proxy. You want to place the "essence" of their face upon the position of the proxy that will represent their head. As you place your hands on the proxy, say to yourself or out loud, "I place 'their name', upon this object and ask that this 'teddy bear' (or whatever) signify, connect with and represent the physical being of 'their name'. For the highest good and Divine purpose of all concerned, I ask this to be at this time for the purposes of receiving a healing (or state what your purpose is to be). So be it."
    11. Now you can open your eyes if you wish (I don't) and being the healing on the proxy.
    12. Once the healing has been conducted, inform the client that you will be raising your hands from their proxy body. Breaking the connection between proxy and body.
    13. Hold your hands together in front of your face once more. Palms facing each other, but not touching. Imagine the face of the individual again and thank them for allowing you to bring them this Divine gift of healing. Then acknowledge the healing has concluded and they will be released at this time.
    14. Imagine their face gently and peacefully fading, closing the doorway between your psyche and theirs.
    15. Place your hands over the proxy, but don't touch it. Actually I like to use a feather fan for this step rather than my hands. What ever you chose to do will be fine. But the idea is to brush away any left over or residue energy from the proxy. I imagine the fan sweeping away the left over energy, allowing it to float into space where it can dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone. I also imagine a burst of Divine protection, cleansing and purification energy blasting the proxy from the inside out.
    16. I thank the proxy for it's services. I thank all my guides, teachers and so on for their help and assistance. And then I give a final prayer of thanks to the Divine forces for allowing me to be a channel of healing and I ask that the session now be closed.
Now remember this is just a suggested method. Try different variations for yourself until you find the right the combination that works best for you. Just remember your intent is what's most important here. How you conduct the 'ritual' can be refined with time, practice and experience. Give yourself a chance to make a few mistakes. Keep a log of your trials. Make notes about those practices you like and notations about those you didn't and give yourself a few suggestions for how to do it next time.
With a bit of practice, you'll be able to provide absentee healings to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.
Good Luck!

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Created: 05.29.1999            Updated: 02.11.2008