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Light Therapy

Using Color Energy For Healing
All forms of energy have similar characteristics. A color, a vibration which in turn generates a frequency or sound.
Jonathon Bowser - Image CreditsSome focus on the energy of the Aura and it's color characteristics to provide information about the spirit and physical body. Where as others utilize Divine energy and it's color characteristics to direct energy for various types of desires and manifestations. Then there are some approaches that meld these two together and use a harmonic flow of color. Meaning color is color no matter how it's used and therefore it holds the same meaning/interpretation through out the spiritual process. And of course, depending on the background of the practioner, these colors and their meaning can hold different interpretations to different people.
In other words, it's important to remember that color definition tables are influenced by culture, religion and tradition/denominations. There is NO ONE SET definition for color. There are many! So you will need to do your research and find the method that works best for you.
The system of color defined here on PagansPath is based on Indo-European Shamanistic and Cherokee understandings and practices of the spiritual energy. This system uses a harmonic flow of energy, light and color for all energy in the Divine universe regardless of it's implementation.
Light Therapy
What is the basic definition of Light Therapy?
Simply put it is using light, color and/or visualization of energy to direct energy to the spiritual and physical bodies to promote good health and healing. The idea is to use color to establish energy that will bring about balance and peace, relief from pain and healing to an area that is experiencing an ailment.
Now it's important to note that any alternative energy healing system can be used for more than just healing an ailment in the body. You can direct energy to a family pet, or any animal that may need help. To situations that occurring in your life, such as trying to find a job, healing your checkbook to help with financial situations, or to bring healing to a traumatic situation such as a court battle. You can also direct energy to object you use, such a car that's having mechanical problems. But as with healing the physical body, you shouldn't just rely on energy alone to fix a problem. Energy isn't going to put more oil in your car's engine. But it may help your engine continue to run until you can reach the next gas station.
There are many approaches to Light Therapy, which can sometimes be known as color energy therapy. You can focus energy just to the chakra that might be governing an ailment, or you can focus energy to the aura that might be reflecting an ailment. Or you can focus energy to the specific area or person that holds the ailment within it. And some systems suggestion you do all three at the same time. Which can be a lot of work.
From my perspective, an ailment manifests in the physical body from an underlying mental or emotional condition. This can affect the chakra near that area at the same time it's appearing in the aura. So treating just those two areas isn't going to correct the underlying condition. This is the concept behind being at "dis-ease" within yourself. If you are not at ease with who you are and what you do, you can generate a 'dis-ease' which can manifest in physical form in the body.
Light Therapy focuses energy not only on the area afflicted by disease, but also uses the right energy to bring about change in the underlying condition. When a person accepts this energy and begins to change their life, the affected chakra can become unblocked and allow the flow of energy to move through the entire chakra system. And this change in personal energy will also be reflected in the aura of the person.
Light Therapy For Healing
There are many methods to directing light energy for healing. Being a Reiki Master, I'm a little biased to that approach. But you don't have to become a Reiki Channel to direct energy. It's really not that hard to do if you can remain focused, connect to Divine energy and concentrate on when and how it's sent out. You can do this through hands on methods, or distant healing using a proxy.
You can create a healing approach that uses supporting colored candles, a special colored cloth over your healing table, and visualized energy to promote the desired healing affect.
One good method of delivering Light Therapy energy is to use what some call a pass through method. This is done by placing one hand on the front of the body where the healing needs to occur, and the other hand on the back. Then visualizing energy going into the body until it reaches the back hand. The energy is re-energized and sent back through the body to the front hand. This is done until the practioner feels the energy had been delivered in a sufficient amount to promote the necessary healing.
An other method is to use a clear quartz crystal to magnify the energy. The practioner sends energy through the crystal which is intensified and using the point of the crystal can be directed to a specific area in the body. This is often referred to as Crystal Healing.
A third method is for the client to lay down on a healing table, while the practioner places their palms over the area to deliver the necessary energy. If you would like an example of how this is done, check the Reiki I Hand Position method. Even if you're not a Reiki Channel, you can still use this method to deliver healing effectively.
Creating Light Energy
There are two main methods to creating the energy you're going to give to a client or situation. The not so good method is to use your own energy, which can deplete your own physical body and drain your energies. Or you can learn to connect with the Divine and pull energy from the divine universe through you and direct it where you need it to go. You can review the step-by-step method for Connecting To Divine Energy to learn more about this approach.
Continued Reading
If you're interested in learning more about energy healing, there are many very good books on the market today. Here are a few suggestions to help you continue your research.
  • Bridge of Light
    LaUna Huffines
  • Bridge of Light:
    Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation
    Launa A. Huffines
  • The Healing Power of Light
    Primrose Cooper
  • Healing With Color Zone Therapy
    Joseph Corvo, Lilian Verner-Bonds, Lilian Verner Bonds
  • Hands Of Light
    Barbara Ann Brennan

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