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Understanding Illness In The Body

How Illness Manifests
Kundilini Flow - SpringWolf DesignsOur own thought patterns effect the health of our body. Each emotional thought pattern is really an underlying "cause" of a physical illness. Understanding the illness can help you address the cause and thereby riding the body of the disease. That doesn't mean that you can forgo mainstream medicine all together. Sometimes when you don't listen to the messages of your body; the issue progresses and requires medical attention. These metaphysical concepts can help you understand why the illness formed, and how you can include metaphysical practices to help support the medical treatment from your physician.
These thought patterns we set up within our consciousness find their control over our subconsciousness through a form of grief. Even if it seems to be a tiny issue, there is an element of loss and grief within the situation. By identifying what the grief component is, we can begin the process of healing from the loss and find a better way to think about who we are, our life and our place in the spiritual universe.
There are many books on the market that describe this system of belief and understanding, but for me, one of the best books on the market for healers is called "Heal Your Body" by Louise Hay, from Hay House Publishing. Ms. Hay has created one if not the definitive source for emotional causes, their corresponding illness and a metaphysical affirmation to help the individual deal with the originating cause.
The following is just a brief example of how the Usui systems describes this same concept.
The Chakra Centers & Energy Flow
Each part of the body has a corresponding emotion that relates to the way you think, feel and react to situations. If you know the positive and negative aspects of these areas, you can direct healing energy to that section of the body that will need healing the most.
As a healer, you can assist your client in understanding the underlying cause of their illness and use healing energy to bring that issue to the surface. But the wonderful thing about spiritual healing is that the Divine already knows this to be the process. So even if you don't feel comfortable explaining your perceptions, then that's fine too. Just let the healing energy do what it needs to do, and if the Divine energy is coming to this person with the intent of raising issues, then that is between the client and his or her God.
You might also like to review our posting on the Chakra Centers to learn more about these energy vortices.

Chakra Purpose Yin / Feminine / Positive Yang / Masculine / Neutralizing
Crown Spiritual Development
(There are few strong crown chakras)
Makes use of the revelations from within. Ignorance is bliss.
Brow Self Development You can see backward and forward in time. Stuck in all that mock.
(includes the air and food way, voice box, thyroid / parathyroid, and thymus)
Separation. Joy. Ability to let go of old patterns and situations. Sadness. Sad about previous break-ups or future ones.
* In times of sadness, it stops working.
(includes the lungs)
Compassion. Loving personalities, compassionate natures. Inferiority complex. Have to succeed in everything!
Type-A people. People with a lot of anger, typically suffer from heart attacks, or heart related disease.
Solar Plexus
(includes the kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, stomach and spleen).
Trust in the Present. Patience, ability to trust in others and believe that everything works out for the better. Optimistic. Life is the only game which is played to learn the rules. Pessimists. Fear that everything is against you. Muscles are controlled by fear and tighten. This anxiety blocks the flow of energy from the organs to this one area.
Lower Abdomen
(includes small intestine, bladder, some of the prostate and colon / ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus)
Sensuality, Senses. Uninhibited. Ability to share feelings and emotions. Inhibited. "Loner", cuts themselves off from their emotions and others.
(includes remaining prostate and colon, sexual organs).
Confidence. Confidence in yourself and in your actions. Poor self esteem. Always feeling put down. (May also have leg problems).
Knee Flexibility. Right brain activity, the receptive natures and intuitions. Left brain activity, the Executive Natures, ability to "get to" the decision or conclusion.

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Created: 03/28/1999       Updated: 03/10/2008


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