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Pagan Intolerance
Witchcraft is one of the fastest growing religions in America today. As well as around the world. Many people are becoming disillusioned with the politics and overpowering control that fundamentalist religions are pushing in our world today. "Membership in Wiccan, Deity, Druid and Pagan(PDF) sects has been skyrocketing -- up from an unregistered blip in 1990 to more than 350,000 as of 2001" according to the Washington Post.
What this means is that intolerance against pagans is also growing. Increased numbers of pagans are coming out of the broom closet only to discover bigotry and injustice in their workplace, in government and even at home. Take a few of the News stories that have occurred in the last few years as an example.
  • In April 2007 Illinois a Witch School was forced into closing by the community it resided in.
  • An Army Chaplin who was denied a transfer to become the first Wiccan Chaplin within the military, because he converted to Witchcraft.
  • In December 2006, while discussing the first Muslim US congressmen on air, CNN Promoted Bigotry of Pagans.
  • A Wiccan group in Florida was denied Tax-Exempt status on religious materials. While Christian, Jewish and other mainstream religions do enjoy that tax-exemption.
  • In Chicago a woman was fired from her job for asking to take off work for a religious holiday. She was Wiccan and her company labeled her a Devil Worshiper.
  • And one of the biggest slaps in the face came again from the US Government who honored a fallen soldier with the Bronze Star; but refused to place a Wiccan star on his headstone. Fallen Soldier Gets a Bronze Star but No Pagan Star. After suing the government and fighting the bigotry against the religion of Witchcraft, his widow finally won her argument and now the VA Allows Wiccan Symbols on Headstones.
But these are not the only stories of bigotry in our society today. There are many more that do not make the headlines. A mother going through a bitter divorce was put on notice that her Wiccan faith would become the subject of her not being fit to retain custody of her children. A teacher in small rural community was pushed out of her job by parents who learned she was a member of a local Coven. Even though she never brought her religion into the class room. And there have been many court cases brought against employers who have refused to honor holiday vacation time of Witches, when they allow vacation time for all other mainstream religions.
Pagan Awareness - What You Can Do
It seems we start each year with a review of how far we've come as a pagan community in the previous year. Unfortunately that growth in our faith also brings about more visible public intolerance against pagans. Many groups are calling for Pagans to step up and be counted. The Witches’ Voice recently published their own article Stand Up and Be Counted and provided some wonderful suggestions that anyone can do.
And here at PagansPath we too are asking Pagans to stand up and sing for your rights and the rights of others. You can start with writing letters to your government representatives, become more involved in your community as a pagan practioner, sponsoring or attending events in the name of your pagan organization. Help support charity organizations through donations in the name of your coven, or pagan group. Support one of the Pagan charity organizations such as The Officers Of Avalon. And especially keeping current on your local, state and federal government politics. Attend political rallies and ask questions to your candidates about how they're going to support minority religious groups such as pagan or Wiccan organizations. And for goodness sake, PLEASE VOTE! Let people know you're out there.
Even something as simple as wearing pagan pride t-shirts, a pagan awareness ribbon of black and orange, or placing a bumper sticker on your car. There are many organizations who offer Pagan Awareness products. We have even created some of our own here at the PagansPath sponsor store. But try a search at Google and you'll find many online stores or organizations who offer similar products.
These are your rights that are being trampled on by religious zealots. Keeping quiet, doing nothing and staying in the broom closet will not save your rights. Only through speaking up and not being afraid to proclaim who and what you are, will the intolerance end. I hope you can join us and the many pagans around the country and the world who are singing out for the rights of pagans.
Pagan Resources 
Check our News & Info section to find out more about Paganism in the news. And use the following links to learn more about religious freedom activities, or to contact your own government agencies.
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This is a direct link to the Witches Voice website and their listing of sites dedicated to fighting for Religious Freedom.
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A national and global referral and information exchange network of Pagan religious freedom activists.
 University Of Virginia Religious Freedom
Religious Freedom Reports
Religious Group Profiles
Pagan Awareness Network
The American Civil Liberties Union
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is the nation's foremost advocate of individual rights -- litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States.
ACLU Religious Liberties Page
Wiccan Education & Anti-Defamation Groups
As usual this site has a great deal of information and links to many groups that support pagan awareness and pagan rights activities.
Government Resources
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