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Living In Balance
One Perspective Answer

The answer is No, she is not living in balance.
Madge maybe a very spiritual person, but living in balance doesn't mean always turning the other cheek, or allowing people to walk all over you.

In life we create situations on a sub-conscious level that will create events to redeem karma or learn spiritual lessons that will progress our soul along it's journey to enlightenment. In the example given, Madge created the adverse situation with her boss, by not speaking up for herself. Living in balance doesn't mean going behind his back to his boss and complaining, or putting him down to co-workers. It means being able to maintain your understanding, kindness and unconditional love for this person as you stand up for yourself. Madge should have discussed the issue with her boss when it first became a problem.

When talking about love or dealing kindly with people, we often forget the one person we should put at the top of the list. Being kind to yourself, and loving YOU is just as important, if not more so.

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