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The Healing Circle
Finding Your "Power Hand"

What Is A Power Hand?
When you're born, you have a predisposition for utilizing one hand over the other. You're either a righty or a lefty, or if you are very talented you can be ambidextrous.
This predisposition is often called dominance. One hand is dominant over the other. The same is true in the energy world. You will have one hand, or sometimes one entire side of your body that is more sensitive, or stronger than the other side. In metaphysical healing terms, many people call this your "power" side or "power hand".
In the healing world I've seen this dominance work without failure. As you learn to utilize energy, you build up something like a tolerance to the different levels that can be guided from the Divine, through you and into a client. The more you practice, the more you learn, the more energy you can channel during a healing session.
But even with all this practice, one hand might be able to channel more energy than the other. That same hand will also be the one that is often more sensitive to feeling energy in someone else's body. That's great for helping you to discover the location of illness or weakness in your client.
Which Is Your Energy Dominant Hand?
It's easy to find out. I have to give credit to Rev. Beth Gray for teaching me this in my first Reiki class. I've been amazed sometimes at how accurate this little test really is. Experiment with it for yourself and see if it rings true for you too.
Your physically dominant hand is not always your energy dominant hand. So you don't want to go into this with any preconceived ideas.
  1. As you're reading this posting, clasp your hands together. Fingers intertwined, palms touching.
  2. Make sure the position is natural. In other words, it should feel comfortable and normal for you.
  3. Now take note at which thumb is on the top of the other.
  4. The one that's on the top, signifies the hand that's energy dominant.
You can test your results through a meditation or a special session where you're trying to sense energy. Test an energy field with one hand and then the other and see if you can sense a difference. Which one "seems" to pick up more than the other.
  How Is Knowing This Helpful?
Other than being able to sense energy in a client for a healing session, you might find it useful during the session itself. Your power hand is often an indicator or sensor for the need of a healing, or to help find the problem area on the body that needs healing.
Many people experience physical sensations when they use their hands in a healing. Some people report a change in temperature in their hands, a tingling sensation, throbbing or pulsating, involuntary spasms or a combination of these.
These sensations help a healer know where and when to proceed during the healing. For instance, a healers hands might get very hot when they're over a particular part of the clients body. After a few moments, they cool off. This sensation is often more noticeable in their "power" hand. The cooling off is an indication that the area you've been working on has received sufficient energy for this session and you can move on.
Other people, (I'm one of these), may have involuntary spasm in their weaker hand during a healing session. For me, my right hand shakes back and forth when the energy being channeled is at it's peak. I know to move to the next position when the shaking stops. For me, it's a sign that this area has received all the healing energy it needs and I can move on.
Being able to recognize the the very subtle changes in your hands will help you recognize your own internal signals. It's a great barometer for finding trouble spots, and recognizing when an area has been treated sufficiently.

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Created: 05/29/1999       Updated: 03/10/2008