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Edgar Cayce Healing Remedies

Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce
Many people know about Edgar Cayce the Great American prophet. But those that don't study his many messages, may not know that many of his readings dealt with health issues and healing remedies. The Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia maintains a large library filled with the Cayce material and more importantly the verified results of his suggested remedies.
I'd like to share some of the more common conditions and corresponding recommendations from Edgar Cayce. A number of these are ointments, tea mixtures and alike that Cayce himself created through his trance channeling sessions.
If you'd like to acquire one or more of these remedies the best place I've found is from a store in Virginia Beach called the Heritage Store. But remember even Edgar insisted that these remedies ARE NOT to take place of seeing your regular doctor.
 Conditions Remedy   Conditions  Remedy
 Acne Dermaglo, Sulfax, Formula 545, Aura Glow, Ray's Solution, Mud  Impotence  Atomidine, Formula 545
 Arthritis Peanut oil, Egyptian oil, aura glow, castor oil packs, Atomidine  Indigestion Castor oil packs, saffron tea, elm water, lime water, cinnamon water
 Asthma Inspirol, Aromatherapy  Itching Sulflax, elm water, Ray's Solution
 Athlete's Foot Pedicure, Ray's Solution  Kidneys Watermelon seed tea, Campho-Derm, Coca-Cola syrup
 Bed Sores Iodex  Laryngitis Inspirol, Campho-Derm
 Boils &
Iodex, Formula 545, Atomidine, Sulflax  Menopause Atomidine, Formula 636
 Bronchitis Inspirol, Mother Earth's cough syrup, Aromatherapy  Menstruation
Atomidine, Glyco-Thymoline
 Burns Scarmassage  Moles Castor oil, Atomidine, Sulflax
 Bursitis Peanut Oil  Neuritis Egyptian Oil
Castor Oil, spirits of camphor  Oophoritis Atomidine, Glyco-Thymoline
 Canker Sores Glyco-Thymoline, lpsab, Atomidine  Phlebitis Cimex Lectularius, Campho-Derm, Formula 545
 Post-Nasal Drip Inspirol, Glyco-thmoline, Aromatherapy  Pleurisy Charred oak keg, Inspirol, Aromatherapy
 Colds Inspirol, castor oil packs, Campho-Derm, Glyco, Mother Earth's cough syrup, carbon steel  Pneumonia Inspirol, Aromatheraphy, Campho-Derm
 Colic Glyco-Thmoline, saffron tea, lime water, cocoa butter, Campho-Derm  Poison Ivy Atomidine, Ray's Solution
 Colitis Formula 208, castor oil packs  Pregnancy Calcios, lime water, castor oil packs
 Complexion Aura Glow, castile soap, coconut oil soap, cocoa butter Dermaglow, Formula 636, reciter  Psoriasis Sulflax, saffron tea, elm water
 Constipation Castor oil packs, ragweed tincture  Pyorrhea Ipsab, Ipsab Tooth Powder
 Cystitis Watermelon seed tea, Coca-Cola syrup  Rectal Itching Tim
 Cysts Castor oil, lodex, Sulflax, Formula 545  Scars Scarmassage
 Eczema Sulflax, elm water  Seborrhea Castor oil packs, colonics
 Feet Problems Sole Soother, Pedicure, Muscle Treat  Shingles Sulflax
 Flu Formula 208  Sinusitis Glyco-Thymoline, Inspirol, Campho-Derm, colonics
 Gallstones Castor oil packs  Sprains & Strains Muscle Treat
 Gout Castor oil packs, Atomidine, peanut oil  Superfluous Hair Atomidine
 Hair Care Crudoleum, Crudoleum Rinse, Olive Oil Shampoo, Atomidine, Formula 636  Sunburn Spirits of Camphor, Glyco-Thymoline
 Halitosis Glyco-Thymoline, Inspirol, Ipsab  Tic Douloureaux Castor oil packs, Glyco-Thymoline
 Hay Fever Inspirol, Ragweed tincture  Tonsillitis Glyco-Thmoline
 Headaches Castor oil packs, Temple Healer  Ulcers, Stomach Saffron tea, elm water
 Hemorrhoids Tim  Varicose Veins Muscle Treat, mullein tea, castor oil packs
 Hepatitis Ragweed tincture, castor oil packs  Vertigo Castor oil packs
 Hookworm Sulflax, Campho-Derm  Vision Optikade, Glyco-Thmoline
 Hyper~tension De-Tense, Watermelon seed tea  Whooping  Cough Campho-Derm, Glyco-Thymoline
 Hypo~tension Atomidine, Formula 545  Warts Castor oil, spirits of camphor, Atomidine
 Hypothyroidism Atomidine  Worrying Rose water aromatherapy
The Heritage Store
The Heritage Store is a large New Age Metaphysical store on Laskin Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Heritage is not affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Institute, but they do have a special connection and business partnership. The Cayce Institute does not have the retail space to offer the many different products they produce. But the Heritage does, and if they don't have it in the store, they can get it. (Just in case you're wondering, we do not receive any annuities of any kind from any retail store or owner. We just think it's a good place to go.)
If you'd like to visit the Heritage Store, you'll find them 2 blocks east of Atlantic Avenue, at 317-19 Laskin Avenue, Virginia Beach. If you can't visit the store itself, you can contact them through one of the following:
 Mailing Address Phone WebSite
 The Heritage Store
 P.O.Box 444
 Virginia Beach, VA
 Cayce Items
 Books & Tapes
 The Heritage Store

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