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Copyright Infringement Tracking

Copyright Infringement
Lady SpringWolf reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to notify the public, in its sole judgment of any person or website that may infringe on the intellectual property rights of Lady SpringWolf or the articles on this website.
Use of is governed by the public listing of our Terms and Conditions. Duplication or use of information or articles from this site is governed by the terms set in the public listing of our Sharing Information notice.
In general, copyright registration is a legal formality intended to make a public record of the basic facts of a particular copyright. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. More information can be found @
SpringWolf's agent for notice of alleged copyright infringement involving a SpringWolf Website can be reached through our Legal department. Violations of these terms and conditions, or the stated copyrights will be prosecuted.
Articles published on this site are announced through the "What's New" page, and added to this sites article management system.
What I do allow is the ability for people to create (in their own words) a synopsis of any of the articles here, which can include a link to my original article here on Or for others to include direct links to the article on Any use of the information used on this website must be pre-approved (you have to ask me for permission), because I do keep track of approvals for your protection as well as mine.
January 2010:
I have decided to expand the online tracking to those who ask for sharing information and the approvals or denials I give. I have been asked by several people if I really gave so and so permission to use my articles and information. There are many people who do ask and who I do give limited permission to. I don't want these people who are respectful and honest to be mixed up with those who are tracked on this page that are just the opposite. So I have created an Approved Information Sharing page.

Infringement Tracking
With all that legal stuff from the lawyers stated let me add that when a violation has been reported or discovered, I and my attorney make an attempt to contact the person(s) or site and request the offending material be removed. Most of the time, people are apologetic and remove the articles quickly.
But sometimes people feel the need to erroneously defend their publication and claim it as their own, or simply refuse to acknowledge the copyright laws and request to remove the items. It has come to my attention that some of these people are causing greater harm to the people they are communicating with, or selling information to by claiming knowledge that is not their own. So I decided to track and document these offenders so they can be discovered through internet searches or word of mouth.
It's a shame this kind of action has to be taken. One would hope that in the world of spiritual enlightenment people would honor and respect the wishes and property of others. But that doesn't seem to be the case with frauds and charlatans.
Offender Web Address Comments
Circle of Hidden Mysteries
Yahoo Group
Received notification concerning duplication of portions of several articles, and complete articles from Messaged the 'owner' of the yahoo group to take the offending articles down from their message group.
Cory Hartnell, on Facebook, in the Facebook group 'Coven of Arianrhod's Fire'  
Coven of Arianrhod's Fire
The Great Rite
Received notification from several people about the complete duplication of the article and the claim of Hartnell that she wrote it. After reviewing the site I did not find the article in question but did find several comments about it. The owner of the group seems to have reviewed the complaints and took down the article in question. The group and information on the site seem to be very ethical and well written otherwise. It's a shame one person tarnished their presence, but that should not diminish the quality of the remaining group.
History of the Deborean Clan
Contacted the site informing them this article was not submitted nor approval given for it's reproduction onto their site. (Had I submitted it, there would at least be a link back to PagansPath for petes sake!). Requested the article be removed immediately!
Candles & Wicks Blogspot - Owner: Rowan SilverStar
History Of Samhain
Sent the owner an email concerning the copyright infringement and asked that the article be removed.
Rowan SilverStar quickly responded, apologized and took down the article as requested. I do believe the infringement was accidental and appreciate the kindness and understanding she took once notified.
Ebay Seller: sharnamac
aka: Nikki MacMillan
Item I
Item II
Item III
Item IV
For each item she lists, she reproduces the Spirit Guide article from PagansPath.
We have made several attempts to contact Ms.MacMillian, who's responses have been threatening and vile. We have notified ebay of the infringement per their policy and are awaiting resolution.
ebay has made no effort to remove or suspend the offending user.
I received a message from a person saying she is the real Nikki MacMillian and that this person on eBay has stolen her identity as well as her work. She indicated this person has stolen the work of another artist as well and they have pursued legal action in the UK.
Since I have no way of verifying this, I suggest anyone who does business on eBay to avoid this screen name entirely and not purchase any of their products or services on eBay.
aka Pharrah
Several Articles 
Notification was sent to Ms. Anna. No reply has been received as yet.
Silver Eagle blog  Meditation Guide It really irks me when someone steals my meditation and tarot guides. This guy has stolen the meditation guide, along with reproducing parts of other articles from I'm still looking for a way to contact this blogger.
Kelly Nolan FAQ Article Notification was sent and reply received notifying Pagan's Path that the offending article was provided by a contributing "author". The site administrator quickly removed the article. Beware of Ms. Nolan's claims.
Kenneth Kerr Astral Projection  Notification was sent to Mr. Kerr. No reply has been received as yet.
Cathbodua Aideen Root Races Article  Notification was sent to Ms. Aideen, but the article remains accessible on her site. Additional notifications have been sent. Ms. Aideen finally responded with notification that the offending article had been removed from her site.
Misty Conner

Too many violations to list

This site has been known for stealing information, articles and graphics of other sites. When it first came to my attention, not only were articles from stolen, but even the title and title graphics. This site is closed to the public, meaning you have to be accepted as a member in order to get in and see the content. So I can't say if the information is still there, or if it has been removed.

Many Blessings ~