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The PagansPath.com Guardian
The Gate Guardian is the culmination of a few pictures. Starting with the most important feature; Duke. Duke was a hybrid wolf who belonged to my ex-husband. He was an extremely calm, gentle and large canine. He was a magnet for attention. No matter where he went; people would come up to met him and ask about him. It was a very sad day when he left this world.
However, he has been memorialized in this special graphic for PagansPath.com. The cliff came from a greeting card someone gave me. I removed the images around the cliff and placed Duke on it's edge. The moon comes from a NASA photo of the moon. And the clouds come from yet another picture I found in my collection of fantasy art. With a little help from PaintShop Pro, the 4 elements came together into this special image.
The PagansPath.com Icon Logo
The path Logo was inspired by seasonal graphic I saw online. I found a witch's hat graphic in my collection and typed out the P in the same font used for the Pagan'sPath title you see on all the webpages. Those 2 images were merged together for this graphic.
Initially I created the image simply to have a browser icon appear in the web address (url) next to the http://paganspath.com. With the opening of the PagansPath.com Sponsor's Store, the icon has gained importance and meaning. It is now the PagansPath.com trademark.